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Every Waking Moment

Season 2, Ep. 3

Every Waking Moment

Diana is a Dreamer, but not every immigrant's story is a story about immigration. Listen to the incredible story of a girl and her mother overcoming and making a life in their new home.

Music by Ben Michel & Breakmaster Cylinder

This is the last episode in my DACA series. I'll talk to you in 4 weeks with a new set of stories.

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  • 10. #FamiliesBelongTogether

    Over 2 seasons, Status told you the stories of how immigration policy really affects the lives of immigrants.In the past few weeks, you saw the worst of those realities in horrifying images of separated families and detained children in the news.In this final episode of Status, Matt goes to a protest and a vigil, and a few Status storytellers return to share their hopes for all immigrants in these difficult times.Thank you to Juan, Tyler, and Yaa for contributing to this final episode.
  • 9. Black Kiss of Death

    Eddie entered the US through customs at 14, and he doesn’t remember much about it. He was more interested in seeing his mom who was being treated for cancer.Then he met Tyler, and all of a sudden it was on him to prove exactly what he didn’t say on a random day in 2002.
  • 8. Us (Jonatan, Part 5)

    Jonatan was the impetus for Status. This is the final part of his story. Hear how he and I met, fell for each other, and worked to maintain that love. And we learn once again that even in the most straightforward of cases, immigration gets messy.
  • 7. Re-entry (Jonatan, Part 4)

    Jonatan found a new home and a new family in the United States. Then he was told he had to return to Colombia. But it wasn't as easy as showing up and starting to work. He had to rebuild a life there. 
  • 6. Letters (Jonatan, Part 3)

    By the time he was in college, Jonatan was living what could be considered a picturesque American life. There were just two things that might take it away from him. His big secret and what came in the mail.Listen to Part 3 of the story that inspired Status.
  • 5. Family (Jonatan, Part 2)

    This week, we’re continuing the story of Jonatan, the man who inspired the creation of Status. This week, hear the story of how Lori & David became Mom & Dad.
  • 4. Colombia (Jonatan, Part 1)

    For as long as I’ve known him, Jonatan has been talking about writing a book. He says he could never write it himself, but he wants to find someone to interview him and write down his life story.I don’t write books. That’s not my game. But I make podcasts, and largely due to loving him, the stories I tell are often about people like him.Listen to Part 1 of the story that inspired Status.
  • 2. Hustle

    HustleYaa doesn't have the typical DACA story, and she's not super confident that Congress will clear things up anytime soon. But she's gonna hustle for herself, her family, and her city anyway.Music by Ben Michel & Breakmaster CylinderSign up for the newsletter