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  • 27. A Meeting With Dov Moran: The Founding Father of Israeli Tech

    These days we say 'entrepreneur'.Back in the old days, it was still called being an inventor.There was no playbook.No ecosystem.No one to ask for advice.And it's under these circumstances that he built his empire.From the invention of the USB Flashdrive and a $1.6B exit, to his head-to-head fight with Apple and a $120M defeat that followed, all the way to the present day, where he leads Grove Ventures.We finish this season with the person whose work fed an entire generation of entrepreneurs and whose vision will feed the future ones.Meet Dov Moran.

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  • 26. A Meeting With Roy Kimchi: A A New Model For VC: For Students, By Students

    Some entrepreneurs start businesses. Others found startups.And while few will start their journey in a Venture Capital fund, this week's guest started his career by... building one.Sounds more like a dream than a nightmare?Well... yes and no..Roy Kimchi founded Cactus Capital while still a student.This meant going through an expedited - and sometimes painful - learning curve.What he gained in speed, he paid for with sweat.In this episode, he shares what it was like. 
  • 25. A Meeting With Hilla Ovil-Brenner: Rejections, Relationships & Re-inventing Yourself

    She built two succesful companies but made every mistake in the book while doing it.She's a serial entrepreneur, also known as the unofficial ambassador of the startup nation.Her passion is helping founders find their paths to success, and also - the people who can help them get there.Meet Hilla Ovil-Brenner, the founder of the largest female-focused women organization in tech and the Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv.A force of nature, Hilla opens up about the mistakes that shortened her life, and what can founders do to simplify their lives.
  • 24. A Meeting With Stav Erez: Jerusalem's 5,000 Year-old Future

    Jerusalem is known for a lot of things.Innovation isn't one of them.But things are starting to change.Thanks to folks like Stav Erez, the 5,000-year-old city is reinventing itself and slowly becoming a destination for a new type of pilgrims.Stav, a partner at Labs/02, will share some remarkable stories from her trailblazing journey:Building an ecosystem from the ground upHow worrying about someone weaken themBridging the gap between the academy and private sector...and a few counterintuitive tips for young parents who don't want to give up on their careers.
  • 23. A Meeting With Daniel Scott: Diversity, Adversity & Meritocracy

    Daniel Scott had enough.He left behind a promising career and got off the hamster wheel.Only to board a rollercoaster.Today, he's a co-founder & the CBO of Osu, a rare Israeli fintech startup that just raised $3M.In our chat, Daniel shares what he learned about Israel when eating falafel, how to create a truly diverse team and, also, gives his advice for anyone who wants to work in (and with) Israel.
  • 22. A Meeting With Itay Cohen: It's Not Boring, It's Business, Stories Of A Battle-tested CFO

    If running a startup meant managing one $1M line item, your life would have been easy.But in reality, running a business means managing one million $1 line items.In this environment, your technology, team, brand and personal ambition are worthless.You need to know how to run a tight ship.To help you do this, we brought in a special guest.His company offers 'CFO as a Service', and they are working with ±40 startups.He has a unique ability to make complex things simple, and simple things practical.His name is Itay Cohen, and we're not making a single business move without him.
  • 21. A Meeting With Guy Lachmann: The Life-saving Advice Of A Startup Lawyer

    You can't talk about startup nightmares without looping in a lawyer, and that's what we're doing this week.We sat down with Guy Lachman, startup lawyer, to discuss the most common (and painful) aspects of the intersection between the tech and legal worlds:- How to not lose control over your company- The importance of Founder Agreements- Making changes in a Founding Team- The legal logistics that will save your company- Should you use legal templates?- Avoiding the 'over consulting’ trapAnd much, much more.Tune-in for an hour that could save you tens of thousands of dollars,