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S7E5 - Dr. Patrick J. Murphy: How Do You Improve Your Learning Curve?

“It is human nature to an extent to look for stability. It truly is. That’s how we function in communities and families, and that’s a large part of how we grow. But there needs to be an ELEMENT of discomfort, an ELEMENT of unanswered questions about the world at all times in our lives if we really want to keep learning and growing. For entrepreneurs in particular that’s really important. The power of unanswered questions to coordinate, and motivate, and stimulate activity. It’s important for leaders to continually really remind the people working in their organizations to keep that spirit alive. As a professor I’m constantly posing questions to students. It’s a great way to engage the mind. I find that when you give a lot of answers to people the mind shuts down, but when you give questions the mind tends to wake up.” Entrepreneurship Professor and Author Dr. Patrick Murphy Joins us. Full show notes available at

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