StarShipSofa No 695 Genevieve Williams

Main Fiction: "The Singing Bowl" by Genevieve Williams

Genevieve Williams is a writer, librarian, and musician living in Seattle. Her short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Analog, and other publications including Asimov's Science Fiction, which is where "The Singing Bowl" story first appeared.

This story originally appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, January 2016.

Narrated by: Donna Schmidt

Donna Schmidt is a business/IT consultant in Seattle, WA who was happy to use the new recording equipment she bought for an online music production class that she took during the pandemic. She did the recording in the new music studio that was her husband’s pandemic project — converting a wretched tiny room into a beautiful sound proof marvel. This was her first time using it for a story recording. Usually she is practicing and recording her passion — jazz violin.  

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StarShipSofa No 699 Peter Adrian Behravesh

Main Fiction: "The Moon and Mahasti" by Peter Adrian BehraveshPeter Adrian Behravesh is an Iranian-American musician, writer, editor, audio producer, and narrator. For these endeavors, he has won the Miller and British Fantasy Awards, and has been nominated for the Hugo, Ignyte, Stabby, and Aurora Awards. His interactive novel Heavens' Revolution: A Lion Among the Cypress, is forthcoming from Choice of Games, and his essay “Pearls from a Dark Cloud: Monsters in Persian Myth,” is forthcoming in The Oxford University Press Handbook of Monsters in Classical Myth. When he isn’t crafting, crooning, or consuming stories, Peter can usually be found hurtling down a mountain, sipping English Breakfast, and sharpening his Farsi.This story originally appeared, in slightly different form, in Holy C.O.W: SF Stories from the Center of the World (Holy C.O.W Publishing, 2019).Narrated by: Tahereh Safavi Tahereh Safavi is grateful to be part of the Iranian diaspora, and for the opportunity that affords her to share art with the world. When she's not teaching wine-tasting, bellydance, or flying trapeze, she writes about medieval history with brown people–more at She's thrilled to help get this story out into the world at a time when Iranian women urgently need people to remember they exist, and are full human beings, too. Zan, zendegi, azadi. Women, life, freedom.Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis