StarShipSofa No 680 Maria Haskins

Main Fiction: "And You Shall Sing to Me a Deeper Song" by Maria Haskins.

This story first appeared in Interzone #280 in February 2019.

Maria Haskins is a Swedish-Canadian writer and reviewer of speculative fiction. She currently lives just outside Vancouver with a husband, two kids, a snake, several birds, and a very large black dog.

Her short story collection Six Dreams About the Train is out now from Trepidatio Publishing. Maria’s work has appeared in The Best Horror of the Year Volume 13, Strange Horizons, Black Static, Interzone, Fireside, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and elsewhere. Find out more on her website,, or follow her on Twitter, @mariahaskins. 

Narrated by: Summer Brooks.

Summer Brooks is a story addict who watches too much television, and she enjoys putting her encyclopedic sci-fi geek knowledge to the test in discussions about sci-fi, horror, and comics. She has been doing just that on Slice of Sci-Fi since 2005, as co-host, producer, host and EIC, and as The Babylon Podcast co-host from 2006-2012.

Summer is also an avid reader and writer of sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers, with a handful of published credits to her name. Next on her agenda is writing an urban fantasy action-adventure, and a monster movie extravaganza. She also does narrations for Tales to Terrify and Escape Pod among others, and has doing audiobooks in her sights.

Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H Sturgis

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StarShipSofa 704 Ramez Yoakeim

Main Fiction: "Rockhoppers" by Ramez YoakeimA one-time engineer and educator, Ramez Yoakeim’s work favors the darker side of speculative fiction but mostly he writes about hope, including "More Than Trinkets," named one of’s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction. You’ll find more of his stories in Hidden Realms from Flame Tree Press, Sci Phi Journal, Translunar Travelers Lounge, Andromeda Spaceways, and many others. Discover more on his website,, and Twitter @RamezYoakeim.This story is original to StarShipSofa.Narrated by: Christina M. RauChristina M. Rau is the author of the 2021 poetry collection What We Do To Make Us Whole (Alien Buddha Press), the Elgin Award winning sci-fi fem poetry collection Liberating The Astronauts (Aqueduct Press) and the chapbooks WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press) and For The Girls, I (dancing girl press). She is currently serving as Poet In Residence for Cedaremere, Poet In Residence for Oceanside Library and was named Long Island Poet of the Year 2020 by Walt Whitman Birthplace Association . She is also the founder of Poets In Nassau, a reading circuit on Long Island, NY. She teaches English at Nassau Community College where she also serves as Editor for The Nassau Review.She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at LIU Southampton, her MA in English and Creative Writing at Hofstra, and her BS in English at SUNY Oneonta.Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H Sturgis