Stand Out! with Natalia Brzezinski

  • Natalia meets Laura Brown

    Natalia meets with Laura Brown, the unnatural blond executive editor at Harper's BAZAAR US. This Fashion sweetheart gives her nonexistent free time to empower women through her YouTube videos and by engaging in several Women’s forums. Listen to what she has to say when talking sex, fashion, politics, and of course love with Natalia.
  • Natalia meets Ebba and Emilia

    With a best selling book and a newly launched successful podcast, about fashion and lifestyle, these entrepreneurs sit and rule the Swedish fashion throne. In this episode Natalia meets Ebba Kleberg von Sydow and Emilia de Poret, a perfect and rare business duo. Together they endeavor on exciting projects and explore new ideas passionately. Ebba and Emilia not only stand up for themselves but also for each other, for the women around them, but most importantly for what they believe in.
  • Natalia meets Rosario Dawson

    What happens when you use your position to do good? In this episode Natalia meets Rosario Dawson the new Hollywood, creative, diverse, open, social responsible and thinking beyond herself. #standoutpodcast
  • Natalia meets Cindi Leive

    What responsibilities do we have when portraying women and the female body in media? In this episode Natalia meets Cindi Leive, Editor in Chief for Glamour Magazine US, and asks her how she stands out in the fashion industry, and how we as women should help each other to reach our goals.
  • Natalia meets Jeff Koons

    Have gender roles and the display of human sexuality recently start changing in art? In this episode Natalia meets the brilliant Jeff Koons, the anti artist who defines the convention and the concept of standing out. Hear where he finds inspiration and what he thinks about the power of the human body and mind. #standoutpodcast
  • Next Level of Innovations

    The Global Change Award aspires to be the Nobel Price for fashion. In this episode Natalia meets with, Erik Bang from the H&M Conscious Foundation, Lisa Ericson from KTH, and Jennie Perzon from Accenture. These are the people behind the initiative that shines light and reward innovations of the future that will change not only the fashion industry, but also the world. #standoutpodcast
  • Global Change Award 2015

    What can we do to make a change for the planet? In this episode Natalia was invited to the Global Change Award 2015, initiated by the H&M Conscious Foundation in August 2015. By catalyzing green, truly game-changing ideas, they aim to protect the planet. Throughout the whole value chain of the fashion industry; changing the way fashion is designed and produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled. Natalia sits down with guests like the amazing Amber Valetta, a true activist for sustainability, Rebecca Early, a professor in Sustainable Textile Design, and with the innovator and change agent Ellis Rubinstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of the The New York Academy of Sciences. Listen to what the guests of the Global Change Award 2015 have to say about this very important topic. #standoutpodcast
  • Natalia meets Mikael Damberg

    Will Sweden be the country where brilliant woman want to live, work and raise children? In this episode Natalia meets Mikael Damberg, the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden. Listen to what he thinks about the innovations, equality and possibilities that Sweden, also called the unicorn factory, has to offer the future female leaders of the world. #standoutpodcast
  • Natalia meets Alice Bah Kuhnke

    The Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy is a woman, mother and a master of standing out. In this episode Natalia meets Alice Bah Kuhnke, the minister who always stands up and uses her voice to make a difference. #standoutpodcast