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SIM Ep 518 Pod 160: The joy of cats, the power of periods, and #FreeBritney

Ep. 518

CATS. What could be better, eh? Well, how about cats + excellent comedian Suzi Ruffell? Exactly! This week, Hannah catches up with Suzi to chat cats. And if you need more info than that 1. Why, what’s wrong with you? And 2. Because in Suzi’s new Radio 4 show, My Cat, The Judge, she and her cat Velma embark on a scientific quest to find out if cats and humans can ever truly understand each other. Mow.

Mick’s chatting to artist Carolyn Defrin about period power, overcoming the woo-woo and her latest project, 28 Days Greater, a 28-strong series of short films screening as part of Camden People’s Theatre’s annual Calm Down Dear festival. Jen’s talking about YouGov's Women in Sport report in Jenny Off The Blocks, while Hannah’s got the team racking their brains to remember 20-year-old pop culture refs as Rated or Dated does 2001’s Shrek. And of course – OF COURSE – there’s Hatt Mancock chat in this week’s BT, alongside how the Government should really tackle childhood obesity, and some blooming excellent news for Gibraltar.

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