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SIM Ep 814 Pod 238: Sort your sewing out, Sort Your Shit Out, and sort your massive cock out

Ep. 814

Ellie Gibson, comedian, one half of comedy double act The Scummy Mummies and self-proclaimed “bit of a pisshead”, has taken a long, hard look at her relationship with booze and decided to do something about it. She’s started a podcast! She tells our Mick about the excellent Sort Your Shit Out, the joys and rules of moist January, the perils of kiwi fruit, and finding a liveable middle ground when it comes to alcohol.

Jen talks to Guildford Refugee Aid* volunteer Melanie Keane about how she's helping refugees via the practical as well as therapeutic powers of sewing. And will Jen also get the help she needs with making those trousers? 

Jen’s talking "embarrassment" in women’s football and the gender gap in women’s sport in Jenny off The Blocks. And in Rated or Dated, Hannah’s much more tickled by John C Reilly than Mark Wahlberg’s hefty schlong, as we watch actual wang-fest, Boogie Nights.

Plus, there’s a big resignation, a landmark law and more of the old kickball in the Bush Telegraph.

*If you fancy helping out the refugees Melanie is helping out, here’s the link to the Guildford Refugee Aid’s Amazon wishlist.

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