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SIM Ep 795 Pod 232: Neurodiversity, charity, and deffo not a Nazi

Theatre might be making big strides in some areas of inclusion, but how does it look for neurodiverse performers or audience members? Hannah spoke to Liselle Terret*, associate professor of performance at the University of East London, to find out, as they chat about the Access All Areas Theatre Company, and how to better promote and support a wider range of artists. 


Hygiene poverty now affects an estimated 6% of adults in the UK, so Jen caught up with Ruth Brock, CEO of The Hygiene Bank, to talk about why we need to spread the word about an often forgotten (or ignored) issue, what The Hygiene Bank is doing to combat it, and how we can all help.


In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s talking heading, jabbing and putting, while in Rated or Dated Hannah’s picked a romance from the past, in 1942’s Casablanca. Is it going to be the start of a beautiful friendship? And in the Bush Telegraph, Mick’s calling bullshit on treating women’s body types as trends.


*If you want to get in touch with Liselle, you can do so here:

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