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SIM Ep 793 Pod 231: Brexit fallout, lung power, fast women, and cats

Ep. 793

Are we still talking about Brexit? You bet your badgers, we are, because it’s still causing – euphemism warning – mischief all over the political, trade and, well, everything shop. So Mick got on the blower with Naomi Smith, CEO of Best For Britain and co-host of the Oh God, What Now? podcast to talk Brexit fallout, the political upshot of the latest Tory “budget”, and why Best For Britain is campaigning for a general election now. Yes please and thank you.

Hannah chats to Keala Settle, actor, star of The Greatest Showman and the woman behind that huge singing voice, about why she was desperate to do a pantomime. So now she’s in one*. In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s talking fast women and fast cars, and also quite understandably explaining how things in Qatar remain a royal mess of human rights violations.

And in Rated or Dated, Mick and Jen are watching 1942’s Cat People – a horror movie from the past. Two of their very favourite things. Cats though. They do love a cat. 

*And you can get your tickets here:

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