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SIM Ep 772 Pod 223: Girlfear, artistic elitism, and all the eff words

We'd take any excuse to chat to award-winning author Kamila Shamsie, and her excellent new novel, Best Of Friends, was more than enough reason for Mick to jump on the Zoom with her. In this episode, they talk about childhood friendship, “girlfear”, and the changing face of democracy.

Jen chats to broadcaster and art historian Katy Hessell about her new book The Story Of Art Without Men, why women haven’t had much of a look in in the world of art, and how the internet is democratising the traditionally elitist industry.

In Jenny Off The Blocks, big things are happening in the broadcasting of women’s sport, and over on Rated or Dated Hannah is posing quite the f*cking dilemma with this week’s pick: Glengarry Glen Ross.

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