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SIM Ep 759 Chops 261: Esther Manito knows it’s #NotAllMen

Ep. 759

“Being the guy who wanks on the Tube – that’s not aspirational.” Just some of the words of wisdom from this week’s Chops guest, comedian Esther Manito, who has some thought-provoking opinions around the role women play in generational sexism. 

Esther’s currently at the Edinburgh Fringe with her show, #NotAllMen, but here she’s chatting to our Mick about '90s lad mag culture, why applauding men for basic decency is bad, the rise and rise of King Baby (and the part women play in their creation), and how SHE KNOWS IT’S #NOTALLMEN, but how do women help make it #notanymen?

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