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SIM Ep 743 Pod 209: Satire, netball, and the continued rolling back of women’s rights

Ep. 743

It’s definitely a podcast of two halves this week. In BT, Mick chats the US Supreme Court’s barbaric striking down of Roe V Wade and what that means for women and people who can get pregnant, and Jen looks at the ongoing binfire that is the UK government and every fecker in it. Screaming pillows mandatory. 

But, it’s not all doom and gloom, as that’s followed by not one, but TWO brilliantly funny women being brilliantly funny. Mick catches up with everyone’s favourite “Tory MP” Rosie Holt, aka actor, comedian, satirist and social media sensation, Rosie Holt. And Jen somehow manages not to shout “Pivot!” at the excellent Laura Lexx, even though they’re talking about Laura’s new book, set in the world of recreational netball and called Pivot

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