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SIM Ep 742 Chops 254: Marianne Shine on fashion's darkest secret

Following a 2020 investigation by Guardian journalist Lucy Osborne that exposed an historic culture of control, coercion and abuse within some of the world's leading modelling agencies, the fashion industry has been having something of a #MeToo moment. Building on Osborne's ongoing investigation, a new Sky Documentaries series, Scouting For Girls: Fashion's Darkest Secret, began on June 24.

In this week's Chops, Jen chats to former model, actor, therapist, and contributor to the series, Marianne Shine, about her experience as a young model in Paris in the 1980s. They talk about the endemic culture of abuse, its links to serial abuser Jeffrey Epstein, and how the unregulated industry put - and continues to put - young women and girls in harm's way.

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