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SIM Ep 741 Pod 208: Sworn spinsters, welcome women and balls-to-the-wall lunacy

Ep. 741

Teresa Lim’s first book, The Interpreter's Daughter, recounts what happened when she set out to trace her family history. She tells Hannah about her discoveries, which span 19th century China to modern-day Singapore, and include a hidden tale about her great aunt, who was, it turns out, a woman after our Hannah’s own heart. Mostly. 

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s been on the Zoom with fellow journalist Natasha Everitt to find out about the HerGameToo campaign, which works to eradicate sexism in the football industry. They chat about what the campaign’s up to, why men's football is still an unwelcoming place for women, and Charlton Athletic. Obviously. 

And if Mick sounds giddy in Rated or Dated, it’s because she is. But what will Hannah and Jen make of Face/Off, John Woo’s 1997 blockbuster of batshittery, and just how tall is Snoop Dogg?

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