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SIM Ep 670 Pod 180: Teenage angst, teenage dreams, and a purity spiral too far

After writing a piece exposing the call-outs, draggings and pile-ons rife in the toxic world of YA Twitter, author Kat Rosenfield found herself a target. She talks to Hannah about speaking out, as well as her new novel No One Will Miss Her, and the joy of working with Stan Lee. Stan. Lee.


Our resident music guru Liz Buckley is back to talk to Mick about why even if you're a middle-aged woman, it's more than okay to climb aboard the Billie Eilish juggernaut.


There’s bullshit, batshit, and Peppa Pig in the Bush Telegraph. In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen is wondering what Kim Kardashian and Dirty Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani have in common, and also joins the growing number of people asking #WhereIsPengShaui? And in Rated or Dated, we're donning our tinfoil hats and asking for Mother, as we watch 1986's The Mosquito Coast.

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