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The Minor Prophets - Zechariah #4

Season 4
The Purpose of Worship is to please God, not to appeal to us!

Text.  Zechariah 7 (Please also read 2 Kings 25)

Zecahariah has written about his eight visions – and now his book moves to a second section, a more directly didactic section, in which he teaches the people through a series of incident and sermons.  The first issue that Zechariah confronts is that of worship!  Although we think of ‘worship wars’ as being a modern church phenomenon, Zechariah was tackling issues about worship in his day too. In chapter 7, Zechariah establishes some sound biblical principles about how we worship God.

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This sermon was preached at Ballymacashon and at Templepatrick Reformed Church. It was recorded at TRC, and is duplicated here with their kind permission.

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    The Stricken Shepherd Zechariah 13:7-9We know that verse 13 of this chapter is about the Lord Jesus, because He tells us so Himself. In Matthew 26:31-32.  Jesus is about to go to the cross, and the Passover has just been kept, and the Lord’s Supper has been instituted. He was singing a psalm from Psalms 113-118. Listen to find out what the prophet says about Christ and the scattering of His Sheep.This sermon was recorded at Templepatrick Reformed Church and is reproduced here with their kind permission.Read the NOTES HERE.
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    The Minor Prophets - Habakkuk #2Habakuk's Burden.Habakkuk was praying his way through very perilous days indeed. All of this turmoil was taking place in a nation that comprised the chosen people of God, and who find their ultimate fulfilment in the the New Israel, the church. That’s why this is SUCH an important book. It’s like history continually repeats itself, and the prayer and the answer to prayer of Habakkuk is our prayer too. In this study we look at Habakkuk’s approach to God in prayer, as recorded in God’s Word.Read the NOTES HERE
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