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Preparation for Suffering: 2. The Church

Season 3
Preparation for Suffering. 2. The Church

Peter wrote to the church leadership, about how to shepherd the flock in dangerous times of persecution. But he doesn’t stop there. He writes another paragraph, aimed at all of us, and in it he describes the character of the true believer in Christ. He writes to ‘younger people.’ So who are these ‘younger people?’ The amplified Bible helps us with this. It translates, ‘Likewise you younger men, of lessor rank and experience.’ This admonition is for all of us. Peters words are for us all… So, what is his exhortation to saints who are about to undergo fierce persecution and times of suffering? His pastoral advice may surprise us!

Part two of a three part series, preached at Templepatrick Reformed Church, and used with their permission.

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