Flying in Winter -

Season 2, Ep. 37

On December 8th last GASCI held an event on safety - among the topics was flying in Winter - here's Gerry Humphrey's presentation that gets us ready for snow and ice. The General Aviation Safety Council of Ireland is a volunteer body composed of representatives from General Aviation in Ireland set up in 2012. They meet regularly, aiming to promote General Aviation Safety in Ireland.  

A large part of the GASCI function is to promote safety awareness among all those involved in the Irish GA community. This goal includes pilots and ground handlers at FBOs, aircraft engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, airfield operators, and government regulators.

More information at https://www.gasci.ie/

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EASA Pilot Licencing Requirements Changes Coming into Effect 20th June 2022

Season 3, Ep. 6
On this week's Squawk 7000, from 20th June 2022, any pilot who resides in the EU must hold an EASA Part FCL licence when flying any aircraft other than those defined in Annex I of the EU Basic Regulation.I'm joined by Mark Dwyer of Flying in Ireland on this episode as we explore some of the changes and give you insights into the relevant legislation.Pilots holding a pilot licence and associated medical certificate issued by a third country (non-EU country) involved in the non-commercial (VFR, private, etc.) operation of aircraft registered in Ireland are currently permitted to fly in Ireland without any further formality. The same holds true while flying aircraft registered in non-EU countries where that country permits it e.g. FAA allow holders of a foreign licence to fly privately in the country of issue. However, for pilots residing in the EU, this is due to change from 20thJune 2022.More information and application forms on https://flyinginireland.com/2022/03/easa-pilot-licencing-requirements-changes-coming-into-effect-20th-june-2022/FunFly Aerosports Flying Club, based at Clonbullogue (EICL) Co. Offaly, have launched a Pilot Wings scheme to encourage new and experienced general aviation pilots to continue to develop their skills and qualifications. The scheme is open to all pilots, not just FunFly members, and encourages up skilling & development for PPL’s with skill exercises, hours flown and evidence of additional training. There are three levels of award, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with various targets set to achieve each level. Wings are awarded either by post or at the annual wings event. See the video at the bottom of this article for more details.There are four elements to each level:Cross-countryTotal and PIC Flying HoursSafety Seminar AttendancePilot AchievementMore information here https://funfly.ie/funfly-wings-award/