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Aviation News Week starting October 24th, 2022

Season 4, Ep. 3

You're listening to Squawk 7000, bringing you a round-up of aviation news for this week starting October 24; the headlines and news are brought to you in association with Flying In Ireland.com. In the headlines this week, a new Interim CEO for the Aviation Regulator and the state of mental well-being in aviation discussed at a conference in Dublin. Ireland leads the way in the development of Drone aviation. Mark Dwyer reports from Croke Park at the PILOT CAREERS LIVE DUBLIN exhibition and has a few tips for those attending assessment interviews.

News this week from Aer Lingus, Atlantic Flight Training, IAA, RyanAir, European Aviation Wellbeing Conference, Irish Air Corp. AerCap Holdings, Avtrain, Wing, EirTrade, CDB Aviation, Dynam Aviation Ireland, AerLingus UK. Trevor Buckley

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