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Aviation News Week Starting January 30th, 2023

Season 4, Ep. 13

Squawk 7000 is bringing you a round-up of aviation news this week, starting January 30th, in association with Flying In Ireland.com. Remember to subscribe and keep us as Ireland's number one aviation podcast; we will deliver the news to your device every Monday morning.

In the headlines this week, British airline Flybe has ceased trading, and all scheduled flights have been cancelled, authorities have said. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced on Saturday morning.

Emerald Airlines carries its one-millionth passenger, less than 12 months since its inaugural flight from Donegal to Dublin and the famous Birr Breakfast Fly-In, the traditional flying season opener, will take place on April 15th next. The fundraising efforts of staff at the airport operating company daa, supported by passengers at Dublin Airport, saw cheques presented totalling €390,000 to three charities following several successful fundraising activities over the past three years.

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