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Suppose you're involved in aviation in Ireland as a professional or enthusiast. In that case, you might like to join us here for our Podcast Series - Squawk 7000 - each edition brings you news, interviews and insight into what's happening around the airfields, airports and businesses associated with the topic we love - flying. We also have occasional longer chats with some people who have a lifetime of stories to tell, from their first flights to flights they'll never forget. - so if it's gyrocopters, microlights, ultralights, singles, twins, or jets, subscribe to Squawk7000 and join us for the next episode. And do us a favour - tell your friends too.


Michael Comyn

Michael is a broadcaster and has been on the radio at some time or another since 1979, 3 years after his first solo at the age of 16 in EI-BAT at IONA in Dublin Airport. His love of aviation goes back to growing up near Shannon Airport, Cork Airport and Dublin Airport (thanks Dad) and he has over the years flown fixed-wing and helicopters.

Mark Dwyer

Mark is an airline pilot flying the Boeing 737 for a major European airline. In addition, he is also a Type Rating Instructor, Type Rating Examiner and Base Training Captain on the B737. Outside of commercial flying, Mark enjoys flying light aircraft from the smallest 3 Axis microlights up to heavier singles. He is also an instructor and EASA Examiner on single engines and a UK CAA Examiner. He flies the Chipmunk for the Irish Historic Flight Foundation (IHFF).