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Possible Mothman Sighting - Iredell, NC, Oct 2022

Ep. 57

This week, we have a story that was sent to us by a member of the Appalachian Paranormal Facebook group. It’s of a possible Mothman sighting that he had back in October 2022.

It started in July 2022 when we went up to the West Virginia state prison for a reptile show. We were maybe 2 hours away from Point Pleasant and thought it would only add an hour onto the drive back home so we figured we would drop by. On the drive I started to get a headache. I thought it was maybe because I was tired but the closer we got the worse it got. As soon as we got through the floodgates of the town I had a feeling in my stomach like going down the first drop on a roller coaster.

Eventually I felt better but fast forward a few months I was walking to work early one morning one morning right before Halloween. It was still dark around 6:00 AM when I saw red circles in a tree and felt a feeling of dread. I thought maybe it was some Halloween decorations, but I checked the next day on my way to work and there were no red lights there.They haven’t been there since. Then about a month after my dad passed so maybe it was or wasn’t just a coincidence, but a warning. 

Thank you for sending in this story. We’re really sorry to hear about your father. You have our condolences. That’s a pretty crazy chain of events that happened. As you all know I’ve been to Point Pleasant many times, I’ve never felt anything going there. It actually feels normal to me to be there. Maybe the person you're sensitive to these types of things? Then there were the red eyes coming from up in a tree. That’s a bit spooky, I guess it could have been an owl or a racoon? But that doesn’t explain the feeling of dread. Then a month later there was the passing of their father. Maybe it was an omen as some say? 

Remember if you have had a paranormal experience and would like to see it featured on this site be sure to send it into webmaster@spookyappalachia.com! And if you’d like to connect with others who have had similar experiences, be sure to check out the Appalachian Paranormal Facebook group.

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Encounter With A Bloody Spirit - Long Beach, CA, Early 2000s

Ep. 70
This week we have a pretty awesome story from a listener named Cheesebotodoom/Kenn from California where he had an encounter with a blood covered spirit that happened to them in the early 2000’s.I don’t remember exactly where in Long Beach the apartment was because I only went to it twice, the second time only because my dad needed someone to dog sit while he was away on business. The first time I went was just after he rented the place before he actually finished moving himself, his partner and the dogs in so I could get his mail for him. While I was sitting in the dining room looking through the kitchen to the EMPTY doorway to the little laundry room when I started getting real uncomfortable so I looked away to see if I could see anything out of the front room that would explain it and when I looked back there was a bloody woman in a torn up white shift or sleeping dress based on how loosely it hung with cuts on her arms and bloody knuckles and hands and blood all over the dress hanging by a rope in the doorway to the laundry room. Scared me so badly, but more than that filled me with an overwhelming sense of sadness and depression I almost started crying. It spooked me enough that I tried to forget it so I never took the time to look up if anything happened there to explain it. The other time I went a couple years later I got drunk the couple nights I had to stay there so I don’t remember exactly how uncomfortable it may have made me.Thank you Cheesebotodoom/Kenn for this story! It gave me the chills when I first read it. If you have a story you’d like to see get featured be sure to fill out our google form https://forms.gle/WBSBgRkna5RJLXAo6 Make sure to visit our YouTube channel for additional content! https://www.youtube.com/@SpookyAppalachia
Thursday, May 18, 2023

Possible Mothman Sighting - Ravenswood, WV, Nov 2006

Ep. 68
This week, we have a story that was sent to us by The Mothman Museum, of you guessed it, a Mothman sighting! Thursday the 2nd Nov. 2006, my son and I were heading to Ravenswood (not too far from Point Pleasant).It was just before 5 PM and it was starting to become dusk. On my side of the road, I saw an extremely tall human-like figure literally jump/float straight up from the ground to the top of the trees. There are no houses near there, just trees and some empty land behind. I felt no fear, just a feeling of “Wow, what the hell was that thing?” I mentioned it to my son a couple of minuteslater when we neared town but did not tell him exactly where I had seen it. He told me he had seen it as well, but we both had stayed silent because of some other weird things that had been happening lately at our home...we were spooked enough as it was.I had not stopped to turn around because I was in a hurry to get somewhere before a certain time. On our way home, maybe 75-100 ft further down the road from the original site, both my son and I saw the figure again. He was moving upward in the branches of the trees. Yesterday (Friday Nov 3 2006) right before dark, my son saw it again, outside near a small patch of woods. My son noted red eyes during this second sighting.After some research, I knew what we had seen was Mothman!Big thanks to The Mothman Museum for sending this over and allowing us to use the story!Remember if you have a creepy story you’d like to see featured you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalchia.com.
Thursday, May 11, 2023

Spirit Attack - Edinburgh Manor, Oct 2021

Ep. 67
This week, we have a story sent in by one of our listeners. The story took place in October of 2021 at  Edinburgh Manor. A quick back story on Edinburgh Manor. The property started out as a poor farm, in the 1850’s. In exchange for working on the farm, people were provided food and shelter. With this one in particular most of the workers died on the property. Then in 1911, it officially became Edinburgh Manor for the insane, elderly, and disabled. It eventually closed in 2010. It is said hundreds of people died on the property during these years and is rumored to be one of the most haunted locations in the midwest. Now that we've given a little background let's take a look at the story.  I had been to Edinburgh Manor once already by the time this happened, but it’s definitely purportedly haunted. When this happened, I had just finished walking around on my own during a tour and just went up to the front of the building and was small talking with the guide and we realized we had a lot in common. She invited me to do the last round with her, to make sure no one was left in the building. We had cleared the lower and main level already and started up to the second floor. We were just messing around and joking and I noticed my camera started acting funny. We had gotten to the top of the stairs, turned left and we’re kind of poking fun at the building and I said, “with how purportedly haunted this place is, I’m astonished I haven’t gotten any activity”. Not 10 seconds later we were walking down the hallway and this 3” thick solid wood utility door (hinges on one side and latched on the other) came off the hinges and flew straight at us and hit both me, the guide and her dog pretty hard - she got a bad bruise from it and it broke a mirror. I’ve been to my fair share of haunted locations, but I’ve never seen anything remotely close to what happened here.Thanks to our listener that sent in this story. I think a big door is one of the larger objects I’ve heard someone say they had thrown at them. She sent a few photos of the door and it’s one of those old judge wooden types. This was definitely an interesting story!Remember if you’ve had a paranormal encounter like this and want to send it in you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalachia.com.
Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Story of the Virginia Devil Monkey

Ep. 65
I first heard of the Virginia Devil Monkey while reading the book “Monsters of Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in The Old Dominion” by L.B. Taylor Jr. It caught my attention because a lot of the incidents occurred very close to where I spent the first few years of my life growing up near Roanoke Virginia. There were several sightings of these creatures in South West Virginia, one of the more famous took place in 1994. A woman from Ohio was driving through South West Virginia and the Roanoke area one stormy night on her way to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. She was delayed a bit having to take a detour through a two lane road south of Roanoke Virginia. She described the area as being very dark and remote. The time was about 2:30 in the morning when suddenly a creature leapt across the road and in front of her car. The creature then walked off not seeming to notice the woman or her car.She described the creature as a monkey-wolf hybrid type creature. It was covered with short sleek black fur. It stood on its hind legs at about 6 feet tall, and had pointy ears, a flat snout, and a long thin tail. She also noted that it was also very muscular and thin.Shortly after this sighting stories of missing pets and livestock began, along with more sightings of the creature in the area. A few weeks after this incident a couple in nearby Shawsville reported seeing a creature on their property one night and noted their German Shepherd had gone missing after.Overall this was an interesting find, I had never heard of this but I was not living in the area at this time. It’s also possible I may have been too young to remember even if I had heard of something. I looked into the Devil Monkeys a bit while writing this story and found reports of it spanning all over the US as well as British Columbia. Explanations for the creature include anything from an escaped zoo animal to a large thought-to-be-extinct form of baboon.Let us know what you think of this cryptid! Remember if you have had a paranormal experience and would like to see it featured on this site be sure to send it into webmaster@spookyappalachia.com!
Thursday, April 20, 2023

Possible Mothman Sighting - Point Pleasant, WV, Dec 2022

Ep. 64
This week, we have a story from a member of our Mothman Sightings Facebook group. Can anyone guess what it’s about?Me and my cousin Marcos were in the Point Pleasant West Virginia area visiting family. While we were driving down Redmond ridge road at around 9:30ish at night sometime around Christmas, we passed a human-like figure as we slowed down. We looked out our rear view mirror where we saw a large figure, that was 6.5-7ft tall. As me and my cousin rolled down the window to ask if ”everything was alright” all of a sudden our reverse light caught a glimpse of large beaming eyes looking our way. My cousin told me to “floor it”out of there. We took off down the road and after going down the road a few minutes everything seemed normal. Until a few minutes later when everything had calmed down, my cousin Marcos looked to the right and noticed a large creature flying almost directly over us. We were going about 30 mph and stepped on the gas as we hit speeds of 45-50mph the creature was still following us with ease. With the windy backroads It was pretty hard to go much faster. After about 2 minutes of trying to outrun the human-like creature we got on county route 17/5. At that point there was no one behind us. I have never known about this creature until I went to visit your community. I’m not sure if I’m crazy and my eyes were seeing things but I would like to know if anyone else had experienced such things. Or if I saw the “moth man” or I was just seeing things.This was a pretty interesting story, had seen a few things online about people still seeing the creature around Point Pleasant and the TNT area, but this is the first story we’ve received on it. We would love to get more like it! Remember if you have a creepy story you’d like to see featured you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalchia.com.
Thursday, April 13, 2023

Possible Spirit Encounter - Randolph House, Pulaski, VA, 1990

Ep. 63
This week, we have a story that was sent to us by a member of our community who saw our video on the Randolph House located in Pulaski, VA. She sent this story along about an encounter her mother had working there in the early 90s.After seeing your video on the Randolph House I decided to reach out about an encounter my mother had while working there in the 90s. According to her, that place is definitely haunted. My mother was the only medical technician at the hospital. She worked there for many years and saw a lot of strange stuff but one story always stood out to me. The top floor of the facility was used as storage, my mother would often get sent up there to get something. She usually would take the elevator to go up there since it was easier to carry things back down that way. One night she went up to get something, and when she got back on the elevator there was a woman on it. At the time it didn’t occur to her that she would have had to have seen the woman get on the elevator since it never left the top floor. The woman would have had to have been in the room she just stepped off into. They went back down to the first floor, the lady never said anything. My mother told her to have a good night and got off the elevator. She started to walk around the corner and that’s when it hit her. There was no way the lady could have gotten on the elevator. My mother then turned back around and walked back to the elevator. The elevator was empty! She then looked around, and didn’t see the lady. There was nowhere she could have walked off too without going by my mother since it’s a straight hall. My mother then asked some of the other staff that were on that floor working at the desk if they saw the woman get off the elevator. That’s when they told her that people have been seeing that woman on the elevator for many years. People don’t know if she’s someone who worked there, a patient or what. My mother never thought the spirit was evil or anything, but I think what happened has always spooked her.Thank you Katherine for sending us your mother’s amazing story! We really hope we can get permission to go inside the place one day to film, it’s definitely creepy but no one seems to know who the owner is. If anyone watching or reading this happens to know, let us know! Remember if you have a creepy story you’d like to see featured you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalchia.com.