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Hitchhiking Ghost - Gatlinburg, TN

Ep. 21

If you find yourself in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, be sure to check out this beautiful 5.5 mile scenic route: The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, located on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On this route not only will you get a great view of the river and the falls during the drive, you’ll also find the Noah Ogle self-guiding nature trail, as well as a few other trails and historic buildings. You may also encounter Lucy, a ghost rumored to roam the park.

As the story goes, Lucy was a young woman who died in the area when her family’s cabin burned down. It is said that after her death a man named Foster came across her, barefooted on the side of the road, one cold winter night. He gave her a ride home on his horse that night. After the event he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and stopped by to ask her parents if he could marry her. After hearing the story of how they met, the parents looked pretty surprised. They explained it couldn’t have been their daughter as she had died the year before and pointed in the direction of her headstone. 

To this very day travelers of this road have been reporting seeing Lucy on the side of the road on the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. People have reported seeing a young woman standing on the side of the road and offering her a ride, then note that during the ride she vanishes.

Stories of phantom hitchhikers can be found all over the world dating back to before the motor vehicle was even invented. It’s of no surprise that these types of stories exist in Appalachia. Have you ever picked up a phantom hitchhiker? Contact us and let us know about it or any other paranormal stories you have. You can email us at webmaster@spookyappalachia.com.


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The Story of Vegetable Man

Ep. 59
This story is about The Vegetable Man from Fairmont, West Virginia.One hot July day 1968 a young man by the name of Jennings Fredrick who was around 19 years old at the time, had gone woodchuck hunting near his home in Fairmont West Virginia. He hadn't had much luck and was about to head home, when he heard a strange high pitched sound like that of a sped-up recording. A voice reportedly said to him “You need not fear me. I wish to communicate. I come as a friend. We know of you all. I come in peace. I wish for medical assistance. I need your help.”He then saw a green skeletal stalk-like creature, it was about 6-7 feet tall with slanted yellow eyes. It had human-like facial features, and long vine-like arms that were no wider than a quarter. Its fingers had suction cups on the end of them.Before he could move, he felt a vine wrap around him. Then what felt like a needle stuck into his arm. He could not get away, the creature had him in some type of trance-like paralysis state.All he could do is look at the creature whose eyes had turned from red to yellow as it sucked blood from Jennings’s arm. Once the creature finished, then walked off out of sight. Jennings then heard an odd humming sound and thought it might be a craft taking off.Jennings recovered from the trance-like state and went home. He did not tell his family of the event. Months later he did tell the story to a UFO researcher from West Virginia named Gray Barker. Gray dubbed the creature “Vegetable Man”I had heard this story a few times over the years and thought this was it but I later found out while reading a post on Appalachian Oddity that there is actually more to this strange tale. Included are accounts of two more stories to this larger one from Appalachian Oddity. Remember if you have a creepy story you’d like to see featured you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalchia.com.

Possible Bigfoot Sighting - Southern Arkansas, Summer 1997

Ep. 58
Welcome to Spooky Appalachia. This week, we are taking a look at a story sent to us by another one of our patrons. This story is of a possible Bigfoot encounter he had as a kid.I was walking through the forest one summer evening in Southern Arkansas.  I had gotten into a small gully when I saw what I thought was a bear.  I wasn't sure though it looked very, very humanoid.  "Maybe a deformed bear?" I thought... nope! I left a sandwich I was carrying with me on a rock and backed away.    When the thing turned around, it was quite human looking! It was about 7-8 feet tall, and had dark brown fur and was extremely bulky looking. It took the sandwich, and walked off ignoring me. As it walked off it bumped into a small tree and knocked it over, it must have been incredibly strong!I was a little kid at this time, probably 11 years old. I have no proof and no one believed me. But I know a dang bear and that could not have been a bear! I have spent my life in these forests and never seen anything like that before!!  Thanks Jordan, for sending us this story. We believe you! I’m sure a lot of our fans tuning in believe you too. Growing up I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods too. I can’t imagine running into something like that on one of the strolls I used to do through the woods as a kid. Remember if you have a story you’d like to see get featured here you can email us at webmaster@spookyappalachia.com. As you can see we’ve changed up or format for these stories, so if you like this let us know!

Possible Mothman Sighting - Iredell, NC, Oct 2022

Ep. 57
This week, we have a story that was sent to us by a member of the Appalachian Paranormal Facebook group. It’s of a possible Mothman sighting that he had back in October 2022.It started in July 2022 when we went up to the West Virginia state prison for a reptile show. We were maybe 2 hours away from Point Pleasant and thought it would only add an hour onto the drive back home so we figured we would drop by. On the drive I started to get a headache. I thought it was maybe because I was tired but the closer we got the worse it got. As soon as we got through the floodgates of the town I had a feeling in my stomach like going down the first drop on a roller coaster.Eventually I felt better but fast forward a few months I was walking to work early one morning one morning right before Halloween. It was still dark around 6:00 AM when I saw red circles in a tree and felt a feeling of dread. I thought maybe it was some Halloween decorations, but I checked the next day on my way to work and there were no red lights there.They haven’t been there since. Then about a month after my dad passed so maybe it was or wasn’t just a coincidence, but a warning. Thank you for sending in this story. We’re really sorry to hear about your father. You have our condolences. That’s a pretty crazy chain of events that happened. As you all know I’ve been to Point Pleasant many times, I’ve never felt anything going there. It actually feels normal to me to be there. Maybe the person you're sensitive to these types of things? Then there were the red eyes coming from up in a tree. That’s a bit spooky, I guess it could have been an owl or a racoon? But that doesn’t explain the feeling of dread. Then a month later there was the passing of their father. Maybe it was an omen as some say? Remember if you have had a paranormal experience and would like to see it featured on this site be sure to send it into webmaster@spookyappalachia.com! And if you’d like to connect with others who have had similar experiences, be sure to check out the Appalachian Paranormal Facebook group.