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  • 107. With ... Lauren Pattison

    Well, hello! Lou and Sally are once again propping-up the bar and this week they are doing it with the brilliant comic, Lauren Pattison! As well as wowing us all with her ability to chug a Hooch, Lauren also impresses us with her amazing skills at reading terms and conditions at double speed! No wonder she's so sort after in the world of voice overs! As always we hear some epic stories of drunken escapades and in this case an accidental kidnapping.... CHEERS!

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  • 106. With ... Finlay Christie

    The SOS bar flings it's doors wide open this week with comedian and YouTuber Finlay Christie, who takes us on an adventure of a lifetime to Thailand no less!he even manages to turn Guinness into a totally tropical experience, which turns the head of our Lou and Sally, who revels in the epic story of Finlay's trip of a lifetime with his perfect cousin...who is probably mentally still on that holiday.
  • 105. With... Laura Lexx

    The SOS bar is well and truly open for business, and as the bar tender extraordinaire happens to be Laura Lexx, the cocktail in a tin are flowing, as are the hilarious drunken stories! Sally-Anne and Lou test tinned pornstar martinis from both ends of the pay scale - but which will be a spit, and which one a swallow? Tune in to find out.
  • 104. With ... Sikisa

    Today's episode packs a punch, as Lou and Sally-Anne welcome the wonderful comedian, Sikisa to the show! Sikisa's drink adds a tropical note to proceedings, although Lou, had already indulged in all things tropical the night before, so wasn't able to quite bring herself to join the festivities. This doesn't stop anyone else though, as they discuss all things balls, business, and boozy nights out, which find Sikisa at the brunt of it all, so DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE REVIEW and CHEERS!
  • 103. With ... Danny Ward

    Helping Lou and Sally-Anne prop up the SOS bar this week, is comedian and IPA aficionado, Danny Ward! As well as launching in to some incredible drunk stories, Danny also has a very definitive answer when it comes to the dreaded question 'Lou or Sally' - who do you think he'll pick? Place those bets now. We also hear about the terrible thing he did with a pop tart - remember those?
  • 102. With ... Mark Simmons

    In today's episode, Lou and Salle-Anne welcome the fabulous comedian, Mark Simmons to the bar, to share a Guinness Zero and a story arc which makes us understand WHY Guinness Zero is the drink of choice. Find out why Mark gravitates towards a bin after a few drinks, and why somewhere, a go-kart stands sadly empty...
  • 101. With ... Dan Tiernan

    In today's episode of Spit or Swallow, the ladies welcome a young man to the show, who knows his way around a Subway, and can probably guess your filling of choice too, it's comedian, Dan Tiernan! Dan cracks-open the neck oil and it's not even midday, so Sally-Anne and Lou follow suit, but is this week's beverage a spit or a swallow.. there's only one way to find out!