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  • 1. Spawnpoint 3: Happiness, Creativity and No Man's Sky ... with Sean Murray

    Spawnpoint is back with a great guest: Hello Games' Sean Murray, who talks about the pain and glory of running an independent games studio (and raising children). Making a game is hard enough - imagine trying to do it whilst also having three kids! I talked to Sean about No Man's Sky and the maddening peaks and troughs that come with both creative endeavour and child-rearing.
  • The return of Spawnpoint (and a very on-brand absence)

    Hello Spawnpoint listeners! It's been a while! I have more interviews coming your way soon, but in the meantime I wanted to bring you up to speed on the reasons why I've been quiet. All is explained. While I put the finishing touches to some great new episodes, please get in touch with me about all matters Spawnpoint by emailing and please, please get on the mailing list here.
  • 2. Spawnpoint 2: Indie dev parent life with Leanne Bayley

    I talk to Leanne Bayley about the maternity brain drain in development, how video games are an essential component of long-distance relationships but board games might be the answer for parents. Also, I recommend five perfect shorter games for people who can't commit to today's sprawling epics.
  • 1. Spawnpoint 1: Nolan North and Troy Baker

    Welcome to the first episode of Spawnpoint, a podcast by and for gamer parents! I kicked things off with an interview with video game performance legends Nolan North and Troy Baker, who were delighted to chat about games, parenthood and their YouTube show, Retro Replay