Souvient - The Cambridge Podcast

Welcome to Souvient - a new podcast series featuring stories from Cambridge that intrigue, inform and inspire.

Souvient, the Cambridge Podcast from St John’s College, is inspired by Lady Margaret Beaufort, matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.

In each episode host Heather Hancock, Master of St John’s, will be joined by a notable person from across the St John’s community for lively and thought-provoking conversations about their life and work. 

St John’s College combines eight centuries of tradition at the University of Cambridge with groundbreaking 21st century research. It was founded in 1511 thanks to Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII. Souvient is taken from Souvent me Souvient, her medieval French motto which is usually translated as ‘I often remember’, or ‘Remember me Often’ is illustrated with forget-me-not blue flowers.