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Season 3, Ep. 9

Looking for a movie to watch that features demons and exorcisms? Southern Demonology has you covered! In this episode, JJ reviews Prey to the Devil, The Pope's Exorcist, and Drag me to Hell. Two of these are very recent films yet only one is deemed worth watching with copious reasons listed as to why.

Also, Southern Demonology was recently listed in a FreeSpot blog article as the number one ranked podcast concerning demonology! Thanks to everyone for listening and making this happen! You can check out the article at

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  • The Winds of Lilith

    Welcome to the final installment of season 3! There's a few treats awaiting! First is the continuation of the interview with the exorcist duo the Birdsongs. They go over the hardest case Father Birdsong has dealt with in his time in the ministry, that of Paula who goes around with a bag of dolls. He also goes into detail of some of the demons that have surfaced during this investigation, one of which is of course our good friend Lilith.This is then followed up with a review and thoughts on perhaps the most impactful film I have ever seen on the subject of demonic possession, and that is not a claim that I make lightly. Will you also see perhaps a glimmer of what season 4 will bring? Only listening may reveal the truth!JJ will be the guest on Vestiges after Dark on Tuesday, August 29th at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central. The link is Father Birdsong's book Becoming a House of Prayer on Amazon at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 12. The Oppression of Mary

    Welcome to the second to last episode of season 3! In this episode, I not only share a listener submitted story that answers the question of what constitutes a positive paranormal experience much better than I ever could, but we also have a dual guest interview with the Birdsongs, the father and son exorcist duo that have been on more than twenty cases in the last two years alone. Father Birdsong has at least thirty years of experience as an exorcist.Father Birdsong has also written a book entitled "Becoming a House of Prayer" which you can find at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 11. Streams of Horror & Evil Dead Rise

    Gather around as JJ shares a paranormal question, a listener's experience, why Shudder should NOT raise any prices, and finally a review of Evil Dead Rise. Yeah, the last two go about as well as you might think!JJ will be a guest on Vestiges after Dark on Tuesday, August 29th. You can find their YouTube channel at the new Appearances page on at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 10. GG & the Mewling Darkness of Fear

    Southern Demonology is back after a family emergency in Tennessee, and this time JJ shares not only a at once funny albeit heartbreaking story that really puts the "Southern" in Southern Demonology, but he also goes over what can happen when a horror lover gets what one truly wants and finds something that's truly scary.Southern Demonology was listed as one of the top 10 paranormal-related podcasts by American Paranormal Press! Check out the full list at check out JJ's own feature article in the magazine at to Southern Demonology on Podurama. The direct link to this podcast is at to the TikTok video referenced: out SD's own TikTok channel at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 8. Reverberations through Time

    Come on a journey through time as I take a look at the Dead Sea Scrolls, their importance, the effect they had on academia as a whole, and their overall importance. I then embark on an analysis of my favorite scroll, 4Q510-11, and how it helps determine not just the mindset of the Essenes but also perhaps the Second Temple period itself.
  • 7. Demonic Oppression & the "Mark" of the Devil

    Welcome to the first interview of season 3! In this special episode, we welcome back Brandon from Cookeville Ghost Hunters who shares some more paranormal cases he has investigated, a new piece of equipment he uses in the field, and some of the more idiotic remnants of Satanic panic he's encountered over the years.Check out the joint episode we did together on his podcast about Zozo, the supposed demon of the Ouija board: all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 6. The Machine in the Shadows

    In this episode, we begin with a review of the movie Skinamarink from Shudder, trace the decline of the streaming service's originals, and cross-apply that to the current state of generative AI and how all of that is a race to the bottom unfortunately. For an entertaining examination of generative AI (or ML), watch Adam Conover's entertaining video at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 5. And Now for Something Completely Different

    As a thank you to Apple Podcast and Patreon subscribers, Southern Demonology will be producing new monthly episodes. The content will be a little different as these bonus episodes will focus on anime and doramas (non-animated). As a preview of that type of content, this episode is all about what's best for the mostly closed out winter anime season. Get access to all of Southern Demonology's links at