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Southern Demonology

Nephilim, the Prophecy, and Undeath

Season 3, Ep. 3

I've explained before how the research behind the movie The Prophecy propelled me into hunting down the origins of the angelic script it depicted. However, did the cheap knock-off sequels to this movie get anything right at all? To answer, we delve into the actual text of 1 Enoch and along the way find out not only how dangerous the Nephilim are to theology but how they may even form the modern template for the undead. Highlander may also be mentioned.

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  • 5. Talking about Evil

    In this episode, JJ covers two pieces of shared content that listeners provided, does a mini-review of the TV series Evil, and reflects on the impact of his podcast, Southern Demonology, on his life. He discusses the positive aspects, such as the friendships he has made and the knowledge he has gained. However, he also acknowledges the darkness that has come with it, including health scares and unexplained phenomena. Despite the challenges, he expresses gratitude for the opportunity to help others.Get access to all of Southern Demonology at
  • 4. Demonology 201

    Class is back in session! Following up on our Demonology 101 episode, JJ is joined by Chris and Dean from the Wandering Road Podcast yet again to discuss the four stages of demonic influence. They touch on topics such as free will, the influence of demons on human existence, and the role of different religions in understanding demonology. The conversation also explores personal experiences with demonic obsession and the signs that may indicate demonic influence. They explore the signs and symptoms of each stage and the potential causes for attracting demonic influence. They also touch on the idea of spiritual discernment as a way to identify the presence of the infernal. The conversation raises questions about the nature of good and evil, free will, and the role of religion in understanding and combating demonic forces. I highly recommending checking out the first episode in this series--Demonology 101--first. However, that is not a hard requirement.
  • 3. Late Night with the Evil Eye

    In this episode, JJ discusses two recent horror movies, Late Night with the Devil and You'll Never Find Me. Late Night with the Devil received great reviews and was praised for its interesting plot and lack of predictable twists. On the other hand, You'll Never Find Me was criticized for its forced dialogue and lackluster execution. JJ recommends Late Night with the Devil but advises against watching You'll Never Find Me. The episode also serves as a preamble to a conversation with Father Birdsong about the dark and the evil eye.
  • 2. The Pain of Dreaming Demonic

    Get ready for a truly chilling tale that will make you think twice about taking a nap. On today's episode, our host JJ goes deep into the nightmarish realm of demonic dream invasions. We're talking about visions so vivid and terrifying, they'll make your skin crawl. From a withered demon whisking him away to see the apocalypse up an eight-foot crow beast with spiraling eyes of madness hunting him through non-Euclidean labyrinths. Just when you think it can't get any more spine-tingling, JJ gets visited by a trilogy of fresh hell in March 2024. A desert piled with smoldering corpses ruled by a leather-clad demoness who casually flays the skin off his face...a sickly yellow "angel" infecting his very brain...and a multi-headed dragon monstrosity slaughtering people left and right in a sacred church. You'll feel the pain and anguish as vividly as he did, all through the terrible magic of dreams. To top it off, you'll hear from religious experts weighing in on whether there are diabolical forces at play.Brace yourselves, folks. This one is a true nightmare fueled by over 40 years of chronic nightmares. Sleep with one eye open after this bone-chilling edition!See the TikTok video that reminded JJ of his experience in Japan and made him throw his phone across the room: JJ's interview on Demonology in the Hebrew Bible with Nicholean TV: access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 1. Demonology 101

    Join JJ from Southern Demonology and Chris from the Wandering Road Podcast in this inaugural episode of season five as they discuss the basics of demonology, from what it means, what to look out for, what to avoid, and who may have the most to gain from misleading others.Looking for more Southern Demonology? Join JJ in several guest appearances he's made!Trailer Trash Terrors (SCP Foundation & storytelling): Wandering Road Podcast (Chronovisor): TV (Demonology in the Hebrew Bible): access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 13. Trapped in Fear & Fire

    Welcome to the final episode, lucky number 13, of season 4 of Southern Demonology. Not only does JJ detail some of the goodies that season 5 will offer, but he also presents an interview with the listener Elizabeth who goes over how she was underneath the dominion of demonic oppression for decades and how hearing Father Birdsong's iteration of "God is not angry with you" helped her to recognize the predicament and break the cycle. This is definitely a heart wrenching episode that will highlight the depths that the infernal can plunge a person before one can even realize it due to its slow, insidious nature.Find all of Southern Demonology's social links and information at
  • 12. The Bandlet of Righteousness

    Christians have created numerous artifacts and and icons in order to help ensure that they get into heaven, but none are as mysterious as the Bandlet of Righteousness (lefAfa Sedeq), the Ethiopian Book of Life. In this episode, JJ runs through the tradition and incantations that make up this amazing work, compares it to protection scrolls created by Ethiopian Orthodox priests that use demonic energy to fuel God's will, and demonstrates some of the aspects that truly make this work magical.Get access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 11. Exorcisms Do's and Don'ts, Pt II

    Not only does this episode of Southern Demonology continues with the final part of my conversation with Father Birdsong and his son Deacon Josh on the Do's and Don'ts of Exorcism, but it also comes with the very first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) ever captured on this podcast. And it could not be more chilling or disturbing, especially to me as it was captured on my own audio line.
  • 10. Exorcisms Do's and Don'ts, Pt I

    While recording an episode of the other podcast to which JJ belongs, the Paranormal Rundown, Father Birdsong recommended having a show dedicated to the Do's and Don'ts of Exorcisms, and I could think of nothing better. What follows is the first part of the conversation wherein we discuss a few of the principles that Father Birdsong outlines in addition to an anecdote from JJ's own life where he demonstrates exactly what one should NEVER do. Father Birdsong has started his own podcast entitled Ending the Curse. You can find that on any podcast platform now or at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at