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Southern Demonology

Introduction to the Southern Demonology Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 1

The inaugural podcast of Southern Demonology. In this episode, we cover what the show will and will not cover in addition to the Debtera priests of Ethiopia and their ability to craft protection scrolls based off from demonic energy.

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  • 1. Demonology 101

    Join JJ from Southern Demonology and Chris from the Wandering Road Podcast in this inaugural episode of season five as they discuss the basics of demonology, from what it means, what to look out for, what to avoid, and who may have the most to gain from misleading others.Looking for more Southern Demonology? Join JJ in several guest appearances he's made!Trailer Trash Terrors (SCP Foundation & storytelling): Wandering Road Podcast (Chronovisor): TV (Demonology in the Hebrew Bible): access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 13. Trapped in Fear & Fire

    Welcome to the final episode, lucky number 13, of season 4 of Southern Demonology. Not only does JJ detail some of the goodies that season 5 will offer, but he also presents an interview with the listener Elizabeth who goes over how she was underneath the dominion of demonic oppression for decades and how hearing Father Birdsong's iteration of "God is not angry with you" helped her to recognize the predicament and break the cycle. This is definitely a heart wrenching episode that will highlight the depths that the infernal can plunge a person before one can even realize it due to its slow, insidious nature.Find all of Southern Demonology's social links and information at
  • 12. The Bandlet of Righteousness

    Christians have created numerous artifacts and and icons in order to help ensure that they get into heaven, but none are as mysterious as the Bandlet of Righteousness (lefAfa Sedeq), the Ethiopian Book of Life. In this episode, JJ runs through the tradition and incantations that make up this amazing work, compares it to protection scrolls created by Ethiopian Orthodox priests that use demonic energy to fuel God's will, and demonstrates some of the aspects that truly make this work magical.Get access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 11. Exorcisms Do's and Don'ts, Pt II

    Not only does this episode of Southern Demonology continues with the final part of my conversation with Father Birdsong and his son Deacon Josh on the Do's and Don'ts of Exorcism, but it also comes with the very first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) ever captured on this podcast. And it could not be more chilling or disturbing, especially to me as it was captured on my own audio line.
  • 10. Exorcisms Do's and Don'ts, Pt I

    While recording an episode of the other podcast to which JJ belongs, the Paranormal Rundown, Father Birdsong recommended having a show dedicated to the Do's and Don'ts of Exorcisms, and I could think of nothing better. What follows is the first part of the conversation wherein we discuss a few of the principles that Father Birdsong outlines in addition to an anecdote from JJ's own life where he demonstrates exactly what one should NEVER do. Father Birdsong has started his own podcast entitled Ending the Curse. You can find that on any podcast platform now or at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 9. Faces of Evil

    Dear Southern Demonology listeners: JJ would like to introduce Dr. Bert. He is a medical doctor and psychiatrist from the Netherlands who has been practicing in the field from more than a decade. He agreed to speak to us about several different items. Namely, JJ wanted his input on the movie Nefarious and how was the field of psychiatry was represented in his professional opinion. But that was only the entrance to the doorway as in this conversation, we bounce from that to multiple personality disorder (or the more modern term dissociative personality disorder), to the nature of evil, some of the cases that he has dealt with which exhibit at least mortal evil, and finally some of the more paranormal experiences that he has encountered.Get access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 8. Ouija

    Ever wanted JJ's viewpoints on Ouija and its Japanese comparable Kokkuri-san? Tune in to learn about the spirit board's history, iterations, dangers, and even a legend that surrounds the devices in this episode of Southern Demonology.Want further reference? Check out the episode I did with Brandon from Cookeville Ghost Hunters all about Zozo which can be found at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at
  • 7. Hail Yourself, Pt II

    Join us for the second and final part of the Hail Yourself series with Chris from the Wandering Road Podcast. If you haven't listened to part I, I highly recommend it as otherwise you may not follow the flow of conversation. In this one, we go into detail about the interview Anton Levey's consort gave to Art Bell amongst other related topics.Get access to all of Southern Demonology's links at or
  • 6. Hail Yourself, Pt I

    Get ready to delve into the theological twists and turns that a... children's book has to offer? For the first time, Southern Demonology takes a look at two particular religious organizations through the lens of a simple book published by one of them. Forgive the vagueness, but see if you can guess exactly the topic. A huge hint is already in the title of this episode.JJ was the guest on Nicholean TV where the Bishop and he discussed Japanese spirituality. Check it out at also appeared on the Wandering Road Podcast where he discussed yokai and yurei. Find that at from Trailer Trash Terrors lent Baalzebubba, the former minion of perdition, as a special digital voice actor for this episode. You can find Victor's excellent podcast at works quoted in this episode belong to their respective copyright holders. The purpose of this episode is to provide commentary and analytical insights upon said works, not distribution or advocacy.