Southern Demonology


In Memorium

Season 1, Ep. 31

Herein lies the memory of my beloved uncle, Ernest Green, who passed away recently. There are a few strange occurrences that are discussed at the end, but the entire focus is upon the man who impacted the lives of our family and friends so much that he could never be replaced.

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Demonic Infestation and So Much More

Season 2, Ep. 60
Welcome to episode 60, and what an episode it is! Today I get the distinct honor of interviewing accomplished author Anna Maria Manalo who has three published works: Portal, the Way through the Woods, and Haunted Heirlooms. She has a wealth of experience in both the paranormal and the demonic, and she was kind enough to share some of that with us. This episode is longer than normal as her accounts are just too riveting. Even splitting the conversation into two parts, this clocked in at over 50 minutes. Here she goes over two of her books, some protection mechanisms she uses, and for the first time ever, reveals some secrets about her true life recounting found in Portal. You can find her website at also go over a few news topics of import. First, I have partnered with to make interacting with episodes, either by typing or via recording your own voice, easy and fun. You can do that with this episode by going to this link:, our Discord will host a movie night every Wednesday at 9PM Eastern time! We vote on the film to watch, stream it live via discord, and then hold a discussion afterwards. Want to join in on the fun? The join by clicking this link:, did you know that Southern Demonology is now on TikTok? Check us out at access to all of Southern Demonology's links at