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  • 1. Introduction

    Creative practitioner Amy Wyllie introduces our series of Sound Stories, created by students at Debenham High School as part of the Jubilant! festival 2023, in partnership with Primadonna

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  • 2. The Wedding

    After years of delays due to Covid, their wedding can finally go ahead... or can it? Written by Marnie & Ebony. Performed by Alyshea, Megan, Daniel, Bobby, Marnie, Ebony & Joseph.Created to be listened to in the clearing behind the Bread Oven at the Food Museum (or any clearing in a wooded area).
  • 3. The Open World

    The zombies are coming... it's time to take action!Written by Bobby, Joseph & Daniel. Performed by Bobby, Joseph, Daniel & Euan.Created to be listened to in the Wildflower Meadow at the Food Museum (or a wide open space or field).
  • 4. The Chapel

    When looking for their lost children, voices can be heard inside the empty chapel...Written by Alyshea & Megan. Performed by Alyshea, Bobby, Daniel & Joseph.Created to be listened to outside (then inside) the Great Moulton Chapel at the Food Museum (or any chapel or church building).