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Dealing with Walls

We need to understand how to deal with various kinds of walls in our spiritual lives.

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  • Discern the Thorn

    Whenever we are experiencing negative emotions because of a so-called "thorn" in our lives, whether legitimately or just be interpretation, we need to discern it. Sometimes people are just giving us helpful feedback, and we are reacting negatively because of some issues in our lives.
  • When We Sin

    It's important that we respond correctly when we sin or make mistakes. Humility is the key. Justifying or defending ourselves will not be helpful.
  • Listen to Grow

    Learn to listen to the Lord. But you need to set aside the time to really listen to God's word. This requires discipline and practice.
  • A Place of Grace

    We all need a place of grace to be able to share what we truly feel or whatever it is we're thinking without being afraid that we will be judged.
  • God's Acceptance is Our Assurance

    God's acceptance of us in Christ is our blessed assurance.
  • God lives in you

    God now lives us through the Holy Spirit.
  • Pleasing to God

    Through Christ and by His Spirit, we are now pleasing to God.
  • No More Condemnation

    There is now no more condemnation in Christ. Therefore, we are now righteous before God because of what Christ did on the cross and because He lives in us through the Holy Spirit.