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  • 7. Focus on family of origin 1

    Why is our Family of Origin so significant in shaping who we are and how we relate? In this episode Ruth and Bec chat about the ideal environment for the developing small person and how patterns of relating in our early years impact our future relationships. They touch briefly on Attachment Theory, and speak about the fact that despite patterns being often unconscious, they can be transformed.

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  • 6. Looking at love

    Love. Is it essential? Easy? How do we learn to love, and what can help us love more? In this eisode Rebecca and Ruth explore some of these questions, and chat about where we learn the ways in which we love and what some of the elements of loveing might be. Is love all we need?
  • 5. About anxiety

    In their fifth episode Bec and Ruth speak about Anxiety and its prevalence in many peoples' day to day lives. They explore some of the many causes, chat about how people "do" their anxiety, and suggest that appraisal of a situation can shift the experience of anxiety. Ruth and Bec also offer some insights into how anxiety might be reduced in the moment, and beyond.
  • 4. Exploring emotions 2

    In this episode, Ruth and Rebecca return to the conversation about emotions, chatting about the ways in which we're conditioned out of our feelings and so learn to please others as a way of maintaining connection. They explore issues related to the "fight, fligh, fawn, freeze" response, the importance of identifying emotions, sitting with them and of finding ways to self soothe. They speak about compassion, about taking responsibility for our own emotional states and why viewing emotional states through a non-judgemental is helpful.
  • 3. Exploring emotions

    Why are emotions so difficult for most of us to navigate? In this episode Rebecca and Ruth chat about how our relationship with emotions is shaped when we're young, and the difficulties with seeing emotions as "good" and "bad". They discuss the impact of trauma on self-perception and how we relate to others, and chat about why the "terrible-twos" might not be so terrible.
  • 2. Therapy. Doing the work.

    In this episode, Ruth and Rebecca's conversation ranges from potholes and freedom, to therapeutic presence, boundaries, and the importance of the therapeutic alliance. They chat about their own experiences of being clients and discuss some of the factors that bring people to therapy. They explore aspects of what the therapeutic work might be, the role of the therapist, and what could be important to look for if you’re seeking a therapist. 
  • 1. Who we are, and why we're here.

    Get to know Rebecca Harris (Author, Psychotherapist) and Ruth Katerelos (Psychologist) in this introductory episode, as they chat about what led each of them to therapeutic work and where they're at currently. They explore what the Synergy of Psychology, Emotion and Spirit means to them, and introduce the idea of spirituality with a quote from Brene Brown. They speak about the value of curiosity in therapy, as a potential alternative to diagnoses, and highlight the importance of connection to self, to others and to nature for our sense of wellbeing.