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  • Responding To Sin

    Not all our responses to sin are helpful. Some can be destructive. For example, anger and temper tantrums can be destructive rather than helpful. We need to respond in love even though we are the ones offended.

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  • Listening to the Lord

    We must pay attention to what the Lord is saying to us through His word. We cannot rush this process. We must intentionally incline our hearts to the Lord so that He can speak truth into our lives according to what is really going on in our lives.
  • A Place of Safety

    A place of grace is also a place of safety. That's where we feel safe enough to share our deepest thoughts and feelings. We want to feel validated in that place. We want to be known and loved and accepted by others.
  • The Eternal Kind of Life

    Salvation is all about experiencing the God kind of life or what is commonly called eternal life in the Bible. This kind of life can be experienced here and now by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Paying Attention to God

    We must develop the spiritual discipline of paying attention to what we are paying attention to. We must pay attention to God, and that requires spiritual discipline. Our minds tend to wander and dwell on things that are not in accordance with who God is and what He desires for us.
  • God's Acceptance is Our Assurance

    By God's grace, we can be certain that we are now accepted by God. Therefore, we can be sure that we are safe in God's great universe.
  • God will live in you

    We can be certain that God lives in us now through the Holy Spirit.