Songs In The Key Of Laugh


Series 2 Ep 11 - Fascinating Aïda

Season 2, Ep. 11

Welcome back to our 'bonus' episode, where we reveal the winners of our Songs In The Key of Laugh Competition / Contest...

Listen back to all the previous episodes to hear the entries in full - and tune in here to find out who we chose as the winners of this years' contest.

We also speak to the winners of last year's contest - Canadians In Space, who treat us to a live rendition of their award winning song from series 1 - 'Only Next Door'.

And - ON TOP of all of that - we speak to the venerable, glamorous & hilarious FASCINATING AÏDA, from backstage on their current tour. At the time of writing, they're still on the road - you can get tickets & find out more at

Oh, and there'll be a bonus-bonus-bonus episode soon, where David & Phil will present the finished product from their improvised musical.... Stay Tuned!

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Season 2, Ep. 10
As we reach the end of our second series, it's time to reflect on the entries to our song contest / competition.The winners will be announced in our bonus episode, which will land on the 1st June (co-incidentally, the 55th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - if you want to start to get your conspiracy theories around that, Beatles fans!)In the meantime, you can listen back to our entries in full on their respective episodes;Episode 1 - Funky Munch by Shed Jam Studios - 2 - The Ballad of Derek & Dorothy by Danny Malone - 3 - Glimmer Of Romance by Ashley Frieze - 4 - Grandma’s Story by Mark Johnston - 5 - White Pube by Masters Of The Scene - 6 - Didit by Edi Johnston - 7 - The Butt-Lift Bossa by Solfa Carlile & Alison Arnopp - 8 - Venus by John Witcher - 9 - Casual Fling by Rosalyn Miller & Yasmine Latkowski - 10 - Pedantic by Kayleigh Jones (this episode)