Solarpunk Futures


Amazofuturism and Solarpunk

Season 1, Ep. 1

In our first episode, we talk with Brazilian lawyer and author Yasmin Moita, who has a short story titled, "Taming the Sea and the Wind," in the forthcoming anthology, Amazofuturo. We read from and talk about Yasmin's story as well, what amazofuturism is, and it's relationship and similarities to solarpunk.

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How We Build Climate Resilience: An Interview with Dr. Lisa Dilling

Season 2, Ep. 9
As the changing climate increasingly disrupts our ways of life, we have three choices: do nothing, attempt to stop or even reverse climate change, and/or figure out how to withstand it. Option one is a terrible idea and the ship has (mostly) sailed on option two. But option three is how we learn to live—and maybe even thrive—in our changing world. Part of this is figuring out how to convey the information that climate researchers have gathered to the people—like farmers, water managers, and urban planners—who need to make decisions now—about things like what crops to plant, where to get water for everyone and how to allocate it, and where to plant trees—for both the near and slightly distant future. In this episode, we’re talking to Professor Lisa Dilling, of the University of Colorado, Boulder, about building networks of people through which information about regional climate predictions can flow to people and information about the needs, predicaments, and questions of people can flow to climate researchers.You can follow Lisa Dilling on Twitter at @LisaD144, and the Western Water Assessment program at University of Colorado here: @WWAnews or visit their website at Connect with Solarpunk Magazine at and on Twitter @solarpunklitmagConnect with Solarpunk Presents Podcast on Twitter @SolarpunkP or Mastodon @solarpunkpresents@climatejustice.rocksConnect with Ariel at her blog, on Twitter at @arielletje, and on Mastodon @arielkroon@wandering.shopConnect with Christina at her blog, on Twitter @xtinadlr, and on Mastodon