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Compilers and Overly Complex Web Development with Thorsten Ball

Season 1, Ep. 87
Richard talks to Thorsten Ball, a programmer at Zed Industries and author of two books on compilers. They start out talking about the differences between compilers and interpreters, what the trickiest parts are of teaching compilers, and then end up talking about the unnecessary complexity that has taken over modern Web Development.

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  • 96. Undo-Redo and Persistent State with Tom Ballinger

    Richard talks with Tom Ballinger about undo and redo in the context of REPLs and running effects, stateful systems in general, hot code loading, and database query planning.
  • 95. Smalltalk's Past, Present, and Future with Juan Vuletich

    Richard talks with Juan Vuletich, creator of Cuis Smalltalk, about the past, present and future of Smalltalk - including quite a bit of interesting history and programming philosophy!
  • 94. From Game Dev to Web Dev

    Richard talks with Wolfgang Schuster about his experiences first as a professional game developer, and then later as a professional Web developer. Theytalk about the differences in programming practices he's seen between the two, including things like automated testing, dependency management, and releases.
  • 93. Fuzz Testing with Brendan Hansknecht

    Richard talks with Brendan Hansknecht, an AI compiler engineer at Modular, about various testing techniques, including fuzzing, property-based tests, database tests, tests involving network requests, and more!
  • 92. A Haskeller Tries Smalltalk with Ian Jeffries

    Richard talks with Ian Jeffries about his experiences as a Haskeller exploring modern Smalltalk (arguably the original object-oriented programming language), including both the historical context of where Smalltalk came from as well as what it's like using it in a modern context.
  • 91. Comparing F#, Elm, and Haskell with Michael Newton

    Richard talks to Michael Newton, a programmer working as a consultant and trainer who has used several different functional programming languages in professional settings. They talk about the differences Michael has found between using F sharp, Haskell, and Elm, and especially how those differences apply in the context of professional production programming.
  • 90. Native UIs without Electron - with Nathan Sobo

    Richard talks with Nathan Sobo, founder of Zed Industries (which creates the high-performance Zed code editor) about his time as an early developer on the Atom code editor, including how that project led to Electron. They then discuss how the Zed team has created GPUI, which uses native operating system APIs for events and goes straight to the graphics card for rendering.
  • 89. Compiling Smart Contracts with Lucas Rosa

    Richard talks with Lucas Rosa, a compiler engineer working on the Aiken programming language for smart contracts, about tradeoffs in language and compiler design, property-based testing, syntax and familiarity, and compile-time evaluation of constants.
  • 88. Gleam 1.0 with Louis Pilfold

    Richard talks with Louis Pilfold, creator of the Gleam programming language, about the language's 1.0 release, as well as other topics like backwards compatibility, hot-swapping code in production, and implementing a typed version of Erlang's famous OTP system, which had also been famously considered to be un-typeable.