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Extra Terrestrial: Top 5 Places to Film!

Season 7, Ep. 10

This week's top 5 is very specific to Colson, Jack and Ben... but will they pick anywhere that isn't on the Corrie set?!

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  • 35. The Fabelmans

    Colson shares his dramatic experience running the Marathon, as well as pointing fingers of blame at some unsuspecting faces and Jack's Mrs meets a very famous face whilst walking to Coldplay.
  • 34. Extra Terrestrial: Top 5 Things You Need To Get To Sleep

    Last week the boys discussed the top 5 defences against evil, but now the theme of darkness continues with the top 5 things you need to get to sleep. Also, Colson's on a high after breaking a world record at his most recent Marathon run...(apparently)
  • 33. The Damned United

    It's Colson's final pick of the series and he's gone for The Damned United, which sends the 3 of them on a trip down memory lane including some bizarre childhood experiences.
  • 32. Extra Terrestrial: Top 5 Defences Against Evil!

    After finding the top 5 horror hiding places last week we're now discussing the best defences against evil... which could also help with defeating whoever came up with a painful Would You Rather too!
  • 31. The Lego Batman Movie

    It's Jack & Colson's turns for animal encounters, Ben watches some road rage... and it's time to review the 'classic' that is The Lego Batman Movie!
  • 30. Extra Terrestrial: Top 5 Places to Hide in a Horror!

    After watching The Shining, Ben wants to test our horror movie credentials by seeing where we'd hide... also there's a very painful Would You Rather!
  • 29. The Shining

    The lads recap their live show, discuss their most embarrassing moments and rate the classic 'The Shining'!
  • 28. Extra Terrestrial: Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to See Whilst Swimming!

    What do you not want to see when swimming... and no it isn't Jack, there's just an issue with his microphone!
  • 27. Licorice Pizza

    Twas the night of the Live Show but the lads need to do record for the last time before the big day... they've been watching the Oscar nominated 'Liquorice Pizza'!