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Fantasia Fest 2021: Carolyn Talks 'Indemnity' with Writer and Director Travis Taute, and Actor Jarrid Geduld

Written and directed by Travis Taute, Indemnity is a fast paced South African action thriller that smartly uses its action sequences as a tool to show the vulnerable state it's protagonist Theo Abrams (Jarrid Geduld) is in after suffering a devastating loss. Premiering at the 2021 Fantasia Film International Festival. Indemnity is the debut feature film for Taute, who's known for his work as a series writer and director for Netflix's hit South African youth drama Blood & Water.

As a fireman, Theo is used to being in extremely dangerous and high pressure situations, but after a tragic accident that claimed the lives of members of his unit, Theo is left struggling with a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Removed from active duty, he finds himself trying to cope with the strain placed on his relationship with his wife Angela (Nicole Fortuin), and young son Wesley. But one morning his world comes crashing down when Angela is murdered, and Wesley ripped away from him. Suspected of killing his wife Theo goes on the run, and begins to unravel a plot created by some of the most powerful men in the government, and people closest to him. 

In this episode of Carolyn Talks..., I spoke with Travis and Jarrid about using an action film to center a story about a man of color experiencing PTSD, the importance of showing the healing process, and Jarrid's impressive performance in using his body and breathing to portray the complicated emotions and mental states Theo experienced.

Indemnity stars Andre Jacobs, Gail Mabalane, and Tshamano Sebe . The film is produced by Gambit Films, Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer.

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