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TIFF 2022 - Carolyn Talks 'Riceboy Sleeps' with writer-director Anthony Shim, actress Choi Seung-yoon, and cinematographer Christopher Lew at TIFF 2022

In this episode of Carolyn Talks..., I had a terrific time chatting with writer, director, editor, producer and actor Anthony Shim, actress Choi Seung-yoon, and cinematographer Christopher Lew, about their film Riceboy Sleeps, which at its World Premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival

Centered on young single mother So-young who moves to Vancouver, Canada with her young son Dong-young, the film takes an unflinching look at how immigrants - be they adult or child - are treated by the people surrounding them in their adopted home country. But Riceboy Sleeps isn't just a story about the immigrant expereince, it looks at the ways women give of themselves in order to provide a home and safety net for their children, as well as find community with other women, and what it means to find home again after feeling displaced.

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So Here's What Happened in 'BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever' (Part 1), November 2022

Since 2018 when Black Panther, the first film by director Ryan Coogler about the king and protector of Wakanda - a fictional sovereign nation in Africa - premiered, fans around the world were excited to see what the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would be about, and we were not disappointed. LaNeysha and I were joined by our friend, and fellow podcaster and film critic Kate Sánchez, to chat about everything that we loved, and didn't quite love about this new enter into the MCU.Not only were audiences treated to seeing some of their favorite characters like Okoye (Danai Gurira), M'Baku (Wintson Duke), and the regal Queen Ramonda portrayed by the one and only Angela Basset once again, we were introduced to Namor - played brilliantly by Indigenous Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta Mejía -, the leader of Talokan, a nation of Mayan Mesoamerican people, who like Wakanda had been living hundreds of years, away from the colonialist eyes and threat of Western imperialism. But unlike Wakanda, the Talokan are all too familiar with the destructive presence of colonialism and slavery, which plays a major part in their story, and the film's plot.Though we were all excited to see just how Ryan, co-writer Joe Robert Cole, costume designer Ruth Carter, production designer Hannah Beachler, and the production teams came together to craft this visually stunning story, there's no denying that many were apprehensive about how the grief over the loss of actor Chadwick Boseman would be portrayed on screen. Having played T'Challa for a number of years since his introduction into the MCU, Chadwick has been viewed as thee T'Challa, and having as prolific and impactful career as he did, his lost was felt acutely by the cast, crew and fans in the Black diaspora. With this seemingly impossible task Ryan Coogler created a film that is both beautiful and incredibly poignant. In this first episode of out special Wakanda Forever, recap, we share how we related to all these aspects of the film, what they mean to us personally, and how somethings in the film don't quite work narratively, or technically with regards to some of the acting.You can follow myself, LaNeysha, and Kate on social media at: @CarrieCnh12, @NeyshaPlays, and @OhMyMithrandir