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Smith and Sniff

A trip to Rennspowaataaah

Ep. 179

Jonny and Richard are in Northern California for Rennsport Reunion 7, a Porsche festival at the Laguna Seca track. Featuring lots of nice cars and special guests Elana Scherr, Jonathan Gitlin, Jonny Lieberman, Tom Ford, Mike Musto and Andrew Frankel.

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  • 200. Episode 200, live from Glasgow

    For their 200th episode, Jonny and Richard record in front of an audience in a theatre, basically in Glasgow. Topics covered include a drum ’n’ bass version of the Taggart theme tune, the trouble with the Tesla yoke, Billy Connolly shirts, people who grip the wheel too hard, dot matrix nonsense, listeners’ coach driver memories, actual information about what Michael McDonald drives, an unusual tractor arrangement, Graeme Hall’s late night animal shows, what Jonny did on his birthday, the classic status of the mk1 Freelander, talking to the late Mike Smith about motorways, an early drone disaster, whether a Rover SD1 is a good wedding car, a brief update on Richard’s disastrous Panda, and what Sean Connery had for dinner every night.
  • 199. Standards, Kermit. Standards.

    Richard remembers a great Muppet Show line from Sam the Eagle and Jonny has been on a business success podcast. Also in this episode, what sort of dog the BMW X6 resembles, a weird car wash, mismatched wheels, cars with hubcaps, the joys of Brent Cross, Boxster coil pack issues and Panda 100HP woes, ordering an odd number of tyres, unreasonable fears about scaffolding, cars named after letters of the NATO alphabet, falling asleep on trains, VW special editions named after bands and the ultimate coach driver.
  • 198. School coach classics

    Jonny and Richard dredge up some childhood transport memories. Also in this episode, how sportspeople speak in interviews, old and new Renaults, a small Dacia trouser disaster, farewell to Steve Wright, taking the long way round to look at an interesting car, snow day skyving, and slightly too much information about islands.
  • 197. I got me a Chrysler, it’s as big as some kind of whale

    Jonny is still giggling about a strange B-52s reference. Also in this episode, old Skodas, car sellers who have unnecessary opinions about paint colour, the imminent return of the Vauxhall Frontera, a manual gearbox with an amusing name, the BMWs you wouldn’t miss, a listener’s experiences of the Eagle Quest limousine, Richard’s attempts to fence a knackered Picasso, the movie career and surprising fan base of the Ford Flex and incredible tales from the Franchitti brothers. Plus, we’ve had a lot of messages about The Corrs going on tour with Natalie Imbruglia.
  • 196. Smashing up a Lexus with a drainpipe

    Jonny’s kids have been playing Street Fighter 2. Also in this episode, a listener sends in sensational info about the cars of the Corrs, intrigue about the new Lexus LM, an alternative meaning for Alphard, showing love for the MX-5, mishearing Bob Marley, nocturnal Beetling, Enya’s Maybach, how they made mk1 Twingos, the state of facilities on the Eurotunnel, the quaint way people still say ‘wing mirrors’, fooling ChatGPT over Hondas, a review of the Jeep Avenger and amazing news about a very Smith and Sniff street in South Wales.
  • 195. The wheelbase hour

    After last week’s podcast, we’ve been inundated with suggestions for interesting cars to splice with a Tesla Model 3 floorpan. This week we read out some of the suggestions while also discussing retro vans made by an Austrian pop star, the strange theft of a Ford Flex, Jonny’s thoughts on the Polestar 4, Richard’s brief review of the Volkswagen ID.7, the fate of the Honda e, things that look like the latest Golf, and the uselessness of metal roof cabrios.
  • 194. In a police convertible

    Jonny has learnt of a bizarre misheard lyric. Also in this episode, long distance Tesla travel and floorpan bop, what retro car to drop onto a crashed EV chassis, a strange French shopping centre and the poo bouncer, having a dismal time in a low quality hotel, a suggestion for the Eurotunnel, throwing apple cores from cars, letting your kids eat in the car, Richard’s wife and the Starbuck’s filter coffee conspiracy, the Dutch police and their 911 Targas, dogs in nappies, lust for Porsche 912s, men at cars and coffee events looking like Build-a-Bears, and belated happy birthday to Sade.
  • 193. An Amphicar scam

    Jonny has been receiving some very strange emails. Also in this episode, an update on a household of Fiat Idea enthusiasts, cars seen from trains, pin-dropping interesting things, a Honda PAS nightmare, having a healthy obsession with tyre pressures, a selection box of batteries, getting mixed reviews for a new hat, Richard’s recent trip to the Bicester Scramble, the most impressive school run car, swans on cars, an embarrassing best man incident, 5th Gear stunts and Top Gear challenge cars, unusual police sightings, and a listener’s No Name Full Suspension Mountain Bike Guy experiences.  
  • 192. New car time

    Richard gets an early Christmas present and Jonny has been driving a Bjentjly Flying Spur hybrid. Also in this episode, the Gary Barlow of cars, Jonny’s unusual coffee preferences, deliberately watching Die Hard 2, the disappearance of the badge bar, Jeep Gladiator model names, an unexpectedly swan enthusiast, the late Queen Elizabeth II and her fondness for bonnet ornaments, getting distracted by internal combustion, and a special version of the merch song.