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607. RT Rewind: March 2016 Ads & Features

Ep. 607

We’re looking at the ads and features from the March 2016 issue of RT Book Reviews!

We’ve got cowboy heads growing out of gravel roads, a dude who looks like he’s on fire, and that one guy who is always ripping his shirt off from romance covers. We decide on an in-house definition of “Castle Bangenschloss.”

Oh! And a really angry reader wants self pub authors to stop using the same stock images for different covers. It’s wild, y’all.

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    Amanda and I are traveling to May 1994 and taking a look at the book reviews in this edition of RT Rewind!We’re answering many questions, including:Why does five stars mean something is a classic, but one star is acceptable?What do CS, RM, VR, and F stand for inside Contemporary and New Reality?What grade did Dreaming of You receive?There’s so much Fabio, a telepathic cat, blaming tornadoes for murder, and a lot of time travel.But my gosh, golly, gee whiz, do not miss the visuals for this episode!Music: purple-planet.comControl Body Odor ANYWHERE with @lumedeodorant and get 15% off with promo code [SARAH15 ] at! #lumepod
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  • 611. 611. Romantic Times Rewind: April 2005 Ads & Features

    Y’all, the April 2005 issue of Romantic Times is a treasure of truly amazing fun. So many of you told me that episode 609, where we looked at the reviews, made you laugh so hard you cried.Well, let me share some highlights of what is about to happen to your eardrums.The Mr. Romance Cover Model Pageant was a Six-episode reality tv show on the Oxygen network, and we missed it when it ran. It’s not all on YouTube but we have a few links!We have the arrival of what I called the “venti sized” paperbackRomance writers with “dedicated rooms for Star Wars collectibles!”We’ve got some disturbing gimp masks on computer generated Poser people.It’s a glorious time. Come on over.Did you ever attend Mr Romance at RT? Did you see the Mr Romance Pageant on tv?! And gosh, do you have a Romance SoundTrack CD? Please tell me everything.Don’t miss the visual aids!Links! For your browsing pleasure!Jafar’s staff on EbayThe 2005! cover snark featuring The Big Sword and the Naked GuyThe 2006 post about the Venti sized paperbacksThe cover for Running Anonymous – NSFW, NSFLAnd visit the visual aids for a clip from Mr Romance on the Oxygen network!
  • 610. 610. Writing Super Fun Fantasy with Kimberly Lemming

    What happens when you write the books you want to read but are having a hard time finding? Many good things. Kimberly Lemming loves fantasy, and started writing her own catnip, which led to the joy that is the Mead Mishaps series.We answer ALL the tough questions, like how many mead mishaps have we personally experienced? How does one make the bananas spin? And why is Galavant the greatest production ever made?Note: in the middle of the episode, the email Kimberly sent that gave me a peek at the cover for That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Human, which was in the final stages of development, so you’ll hear me lose my cool.For the book and video games we discuss in this episode, please visit our show notes page!You can find Kimberly Lemming at, and on Instagram @KimberlyLemming.We also mentioned cover artist Mike Pape, and the cover art for the Mead Mishaps series is visible on his website, too!Thank you for supporting our show, and our advertisers! new customers GET $5 OFF a Lume Starter Pack with code SARAH15 at That equates to over 40% off your Starter Pack when you visit and use code SARAH15.