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Technological Innovations in The Siemens Opcenter Execution Core Family

Ep. 3

Integration of the latest technology into the current manufacturing infrastructure has unlocked many new opportunities. It has also helped them deal with increased competition, changing customer demands, and stricter regulatory frameworks. As new innovations that solve existing challenges continue to be rolled out to manufacturers, we can expect to see an acceleration in the digital transformation.

In today’s episode Bettina Pruemper is joined by two guests from Siemens Digital Industries Software - Martin Russell from Opcenter Execution Core Product Development, and Silvio Saouaf, Product Portfolio Manager. They’ll help us understand how digital infrastructure is being utilized to transform manufacturing.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the new solutions that manufacturers are using to solve their current challenges and unlock advancements. We’ll also discuss the impact that COVID-19 had on manufacturers and how some of them responded to it. Finally, we’ll touch on the concept of containerization and how cloud computing is expected to impact the manufacturing industry.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The challenges manufacturers are facing today (03:20)
  • How COVID-19 impacted manufacturers (04:23)
  • Solutions that Siemens have developed to help manufacturers face today’s challenges (05:38)
  • How the high-performance engine in Opcenter works (06:23)
  • Application containerization and its benefits (10:57)

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Digitalization is helping companies leverage the data that is already available to them to create better products and become more agile. It is expected to play a bigger role in the future as companies seek new ways to gain a competitive advantage and unlock new opportunities. With the right roadmap to digital transformation, businesses that embrace it will be able to maximize the output from assets that are already available to them.In this 10-part series, we’ll focus on the impact smart digital manufacturing is having and what to expect from it in the future. We’ll invite experts from different industries to share their experiences with digitalization. This series will shine a light on the road ahead for industries that are willing to embrace change brought on by digital transformation.I’m your host, Bettina Pruemper, with Siemens Global Marketing and, in this first episode, I’m joined by Dr. Raffaello Lepratti, the Global Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Management, Business Development, and Segment Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. In this episode, we’ll discuss smart digital manufacturing and cases where it has been successfully applied.Tune in to learn more about the role digitalization is playing in helping companies solve problems and unlock opportunities, as well as the resources used by manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage and become leaders in their industries.In this episode, you will learn:The role of digitalization (02:56)The major trends and challenges shaping the manufacturing industry today (04:44)The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the manufacturing industry (11:38)How can manufacturers gain competitive advantage and become leaders in their industries (12:38)A quote from Henry Ford, still valid today (15:41)What to expect in the upcoming episodes. (16:47)Connect with Dr. Raffaello Lepratti:LinkedInConnect with Bettina Pruemper:LinkedIn