Small Town Dicks


7: Firestarter

Season 7, Ep. 7
Firefighters get called to a late-night fire. Police see a white Jeep leaving the area and catch the license plate. As Ret. Det. Dawn starts her investigation, she finds a trail of destruction that leads back to a man who tells law enforcement it wasn’t him because he was buying a phone at 3 am. Yep. 

Special Guest:  Retired Detective Dawn
Dawn is a U.S. Army veteran and now a retired detective.  During her career, she became an expert in Arson Investigation and Computer Forensics and worked with the DOJ, ATF, and other national and international agencies.  For her work, Dawn has earned awards from the International Association of Arson Investigators and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  Since retiring, Dawn continues to train new officers and investigators in sexual assault investigations and has earned a National award for her efforts as a firearms instructor at her State’s Police Academy.  

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