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Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Extra Extra #21

Play along as Chris serves up some weird and wonderful headlines but which are true and which are fake?

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  • Extra Extra #31

    Yoga retreats, hikers and an old hip injury are all up for discussion on this week's Extra Extra... plus we hear Chris and Rosie's thoughts on the Portuguese Wine spill!
  • Ep 235. Egg, toast, wine and…

    Prepare yourselves for a mini IQ test on this week's podcast. It gets tense! The Ramsey's talk about The Great North Run and why they will or won't do it and Chris discusses UFO's and Rosie has a rare requested shout out. There's beefs and of course QTFP's which get heavily musical in a rude way!
  • Ep 234. Triple D

    Chris and Rosie have been at the NTA's and they share all the gossip from their night! Also this week Rosie learns the names of her fingers and Chris explains his problem with inside toys being outside. QFTP's include a Bat or Bird dilemma and an unfortunate toilet based school story.
  • Extra Extra #30

    Competitive gaming, a sports day fall, and a surprise worm are all up for discussion on this week's Extra Extra!
  • Ep 233. 4pm Fight Time

    On this week's podcast Chris and Rosie discuss 90's parenting, the Loch Ness monster, and Alabama hot pockets which disturbs Chris to no end! Rosie has some holiday observations and there's a family beef.
  • Ep 232. Four Eighths

    The Ramsey's are back from their holidays and not without some stories! There was a hospital trip and some fast food on the plane home. Rosie has been getting to know her fractions whilst Chris has been spreading the Cuddle Club word. There are some holiday beefs plus QFTP's involving stinky cleavage, a home birth and sex on the wedding night.
  • Extra Extra #29

    As well as some topical news Chris reveals a beef with Sandra! Football fans, spiders and fathers are all part of this week's game of Extra Extra!
  • Ep 231. Obligatory Trebles

    This week on the podcast, The Ramseys are about to go on holiday - but this time, they haven’t told Robin. Rosie gets an enlightening lesson about the equator from Chris. There’s a fake tan related beef and a QFTP about a very embarrassing return. Also there's a stinky Would You Rather and some very exciting news!
  • What's that on your prom dress?... A short message from Chris & Rosie

    The Chris and Rosie Ramsey show has been shortlisted for an NTA. Thank you all so much for voting! We now need you to vote again! Visit and you'll find us in the TV Interview Category. Thanks Smas and Das!