Sh**ged Married Annoyed


Extra Extra #18

Was a bear really mistaken for a dog and did Spain build trains that didn't fit in their tunnels? Play along with Chris and Rosie on this week's Extra Extra and find out which headlines are true and which are fake!

More Episodes

  • Ep 220. Good Optics

    Chris and Rosie talk trampolining techniques, parenting lessons, Subbuteo and sun cream icks. Sandra is in Rosie's bad books after borrowing Rosie's clothes and Chris reveals a new character - Captain Cuddle. QFTP's include cock rings, embarrassing Mum behavior and rude signs!
  • Extra Extra #23

    On Extra Extra this week the pair talk astronauts, underwater living and a search party. Can you guess the headlines that Chris is spinning? Enjoy!
  • Ep 219. Nice Coat Lee

    On this week's podcast the pair catch up after a few days at home and a trip to the beach. There's a breaking wind confession and some Power Rangers chat. Beefs are okay, or are they? QFTP's cover office fridge politics, a scented candle, nicknames and a love egg. To vote for The Chris and Ramsey Show at the NTA's visit:
  • Ep 218. Pity Click

    The Ramsey's have so much to discuss on this week's podcast! They have been in London seeing a West End show and they presented a BAFTA... but not without some embarrassing moments of course! Rosie has had underwear malfunctions and Chris has beef about hotel breakfasts.
  • Extra Extra #22

    Sommeliers, cooked pasta in the wild and body parts are all up discussion on this week's Extra! Extra. See if you can guess the true from the fake...
  • Ep 217. kiss my flower

    On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie talk about some of the train drama they've been seeing while out on the road. They discuss the headache of children wanting songs on repeat and there's the latest beef! QFTP's covers voice notes from dates, a beery night for fun and being hypnotised.
  • Ep 216. Open!

    On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie have oven problems and there is some charger based beef. They discuss the pitfalls of espresso martinis and get nostalgic over hot tubs. QFTP's cover some petite crime, dirty sheets and an unfortunate photo mishap.
  • Extra Extra #21

    Play along as Chris serves up some weird and wonderful headlines but which are true and which are fake?
  • Ep 215. Cold Hearted Father

    On this week's podcast Rosie gets the ick after Chris books a hotel over the phone which also ends with Chris having a new name. The pair talk about Rosie's funny turn while the pair were away and they also question if anyone enjoys sex standing up... there's some fainting based beef and an retro xfactor ick from a listener. Enjoy!