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Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Ep 271. Fox Block

On the podcast this week things get serious when the Ramsey's start preparing for a joint 40th birthday party that is taking place in 2 years! As well as this they discuss cream out of a can, thieving from your doorstep and bad algorithms! QFTP's involve some Rosie's Mysteries and a dog based ick! PLUS Chris reveals that he has never seen the film Grease!

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  • Extra Extra #53

    A new episode of Extra Extra starts with some sleep problems...The wacky wacky do dah stories this week include a very long documented walk, a crazy new Kit-Kat and a Simpsons' prediction. There's also a Psychic medium story and some mayhem in Ikea!
  • Ep 278. Out of Office Reply

    Chris and Rosie are on their holidays but are still delivering a QFTP's bumper ep! There's icks, there's a sex toy and of course some mistaken identity. All of this and some general holiday chat chat! If you want send a story, question, ick or office poll to The Ramseys email
  • Ep 277. Old Prospector Ramsey

    On this week's podcast Rosie goes through some of her old notes on her phone... she uncovers a song and a list of presents that never materialised. Plus there is some poetry and a new character from Chris. There's some Carl Hutchinson content, a gifted shot and a Peleton update. QFTP's involve ham, football manager and some quite disturbing revenge!
  • Extra Extra #52

    An Extra Extra recorded on Election day featuring Leftie Leftie woo woo! This week we have an unexpected bill, a plot of land in Heaven and some basic Spanish from Chris. Enjoy!
  • Ep 276. Pie Fister

    On this week's podcast Chris and Rosie discuss Sports Day, Mark Whalberg's regime and the importance of sun screen! Rosie reveals that she has confessed a crush and Chris has a new sport to add to grappling. It's a QFTP special with some icks, a strange crime and an unfortunate parent incident. All of this plus Rosie thinks of a new business venture!
  • Ep 275. Robaldo

    On this week's podcast Rosie is excited by her Apple watch and Chris get animated over back of the knee sweat. Sister Kate features this week and explains the lengths she went to get her dog to come back. Beefs get emotional and QFTP's involve a gamer ick, peeing in public and perhaps the worse thing you can eat on a plane! Plus, is it okay to wear a track suit to a wedding?...
  • Extra Extra #51

    On Extra Extra this week Chris and Rosie discuss good weather, unskippable adverts (not in this ep thank you VERY much!), AI Politicians and Aliens disguising as humans!
  • Ep 274. Get your head stuck in

    In this episode of Shagged Married Annoyed Chris and Rosie discuss places they DON'T want to visit, Space being on the top of Rosie's list (even with 100 Tampons). Chris gives Mondays a kick up the backside and the beefs get personal when Chris reveals that Rosie read one of his texts. QFTP's involve an incredible/unusual kink and there are some stellar icks which kick off a chat about the John Barnes rap...cue Best Mate Steph!
  • Ep 273. Documenting my t*ts off!

    This week on the podcast Chris is feeling under the weather and the pair get nostalgic about working in a shop. Chris gets mad at Soft Play Dads and Rosie shares an SMA level pooh story. Other topics up for discussion - CostCo, free stuff, protests and eating a cucumber in public. All of this plus Rosie has been busy watching documentaries.