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Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Ep 241. Air Biscuit

This week on the podcast, Chris and Rosie are preparing themselves for Robin’s birthday party - and in the process, Rosie has found something very interesting for sale on the internet… Chris reveals a milk story from his past and there are lollipop and bruise related beefs. QFTPs include a brilliant nickname and more milk-related trauma.

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  • Ep 258. In The Namy

    This week on the podcast, The Ramseys discuss the versatility of the Geordie 'eee' and Rosie learns about the plot of Bladerunner... There are some very *stirring* beefs and QFTPs include an ick which has been sent in live from the hospital. Chris has a crack at a Rosie's Mystery, and he has a point to prove about something in the house...
  • Ep 257. Gary's Anatomy

    Chris and Rosie are full of the joys after Sandra has taken the kids for the day! They discuss tanning, the latest casual fashion trends and Chris brings another game for Rosie to play. Chris has a beef with Bluey and Rosie has been taking Grey's anatomy quite literally. All of this plus some shocking QFTP's!
  • Extra Extra #42

    Has the most handsome man in Italy become a man of the cloth? Did a woman become irrationally jealous after an old flame got in touch with her husband? And how much Garlic bread is too much? All of this and more on this week's Extra Extra!
  • Ep 256. The Greatest Showman

    On this week's podcast The Ramey's discuss a power cut, valentine's day plus Chris has one of his quizzes for Rosie. The beefs involve broken furniture and slippers and QFTP's cover all manner of things including some very unsavoury behaviour on a ship.
  • Ep 255. Purple Power Ranger

    This week on the podcast, Rosie is joined by a very special guest - Ice Bath Guy! Chris discusses his new obsession and just how many bags of ice he has to buy every morning to sustain it. Robin went to school in uniform on non-uniform day and Rosie remembers milk time at primary school as well as a very sleepy classmate... QFTPs include another icky voucher tale, a bedroom surprise, and a very enthusiastic DVD salesman.
  • Extra Extra #41

    A dirty YouTuber, Jeffrey Bezos and cheeky work breaks are all included in this week's extra extra. Plus could someone live off dinner dates and not buy groceries? Plus there is some 11:11 emails incoming...
  • Ep 254. Your Ma

    On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie discuss life when your kids are under the weather. Rosie has an incident with a pair of Chris's pants and they both get pretty annoyed about electric scooters. They share a milestone of Robin's and Rosie talks about a recent night out, nudge nudge...Beefs are icky and QFTP's cover teddy bears, sonic the hedgehog and vouchers on a first date.
  • Ep 253. This young perp...

    On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie discuss tiredness, after eight mints and Rosie's night out. Rosie has a martial arts based beef and they have to get Sandra on the line to settle an argument! There's trio of Rosie's mysteries and some fresh new icks!
  • Extra Extra #40

    Tom Hardy, bubble tea and Taylor Swift's cat are all discussed on this week's extra extra!!