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Ep 231. Obligatory Trebles

This week on the podcast, The Ramseys are about to go on holiday - but this time, they haven’t told Robin. Rosie gets an enlightening lesson about the equator from Chris. There’s a fake tan related beef and a QFTP about a very embarrassing return. Also there's a stinky Would You Rather and some very exciting news!

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  • Extra Extra #46

    Before getting on to the weird and wonderful headlines Chris and Rosie chat briefly about the weather and Sandra's new house. They then get in to Aliens, dog breeders tactics to fasten up the process and how many people it takes to change a light bulb. Also, is there a phantom house cleaner?
  • Ep 264. Freaky and Weird

    This week - there has been a potentially paranormal incident in the Ramsey bedroom, Rosie has discovered her newest toxic trait and Chris has spent a lot of time cleaning the hot tub….Chris has a ‘thank you’ to give Rosie during the beefs, and QFTPs include an unconventional tattoo and piercing shop, as well as a dog walking incident!
  • Ep 263. There’s No Place Like Home

    This week on the podcast, the Ramseys have had a bit of a rubbish bank holiday - Rafe has been poorly, Chris gave the last bag of crisps away and YouTube has been banned AGAIN. But things are looking up for Robin as he and Rosie have struck up a very lucrative easter egg deal…A game of monopoly has inspired the beefs this week - and QFTPs include some very naughty dress up which gets a little bit too close to home…
  • Extra Extra #45

    Did a man on the run stop to stroke a cat? Has someone been taping fish to police cars and ATM's? And in other sticker news is a woman leaving bikini stickers in a gym changing room? All of this plus some billionaire chat!
  • Ep 262. Can we talk about Bruno?

    It's Easter soon and the Ramsey's are deep in chocolate eggs! They discuss their favorite cakes, what you can't drink on a train AND Rosie has been learning a rap for the boys bed time. Rosie has a driving beef with Chris and QFTP's involve a shy girl, an attempted bird rescue and a pooh on the beach.
  • Ep 261. Protein Chowder

    On this week's podcast Rosie gives a Comic Relief de-brief and has a list of things to remember for the next time she does live TV. Chris has been busy with self care but manages to present some facts about the difference between and orangery and a conservatory, plus we hear how Chris would sound if he had a house account on Social Media. There's a protein shake story, a shower ick and some gateaux based revenge!
  • Extra Extra #44

    Welcome to this week's Episode! Was a Cockerel a witness? Do Pilots sleep on flights? Can a parrot use Alexa? All of this an more on Extra Extra!
  • Ep 260. Dog In

    Rosie is getting ready for Comic Relief and Chris is getting annoyed at the remote controls being in the wrong room. There's a pigeon ick, a new beauty regime, a time capsule and a Seal!
  • Ep 259. The Constant Gardener

    On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie talk about an office run through they attended, phone charger beefs, Chris shitting himself AND Chris has another Quiz for Rosie, play along and let us know how you do!